The scrapkit I used for this Tutorial is my own FTU 'Sugar Plum Fairy'

Mask (put this in your mask folder)

Plugins used: Alien Skin  Xenofex 2

EyeCandy 5 Nature/ Icicles

#1. Open SwtCreations_GlitterFrame3.png   Shift + D to duplicate window.. close original

Image/Resize  33%

Image/ Canvas size  900 x 900 (can always resize later)

This is now your working image.

  Open SwtCreations_Bkg11.jpg    Image/Resize 22%  Copy and Paste to your working image or you can

also drag its layer (from layer palette) over to your working image window.. Move the paper layer to the bottom of the layer palette.

UNDER the frame layer. 

#2. Highlight the frame layer on the layer palette,

Using your magic wand tool click on the inside of frame...Selections/Modify/ Expand 10 pixels  INVERT

Click on the paper layer now and Cut/or Delete. Select None

#3. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame. V2, H3, Opacity 65, Blur 9,  Black

#4. Open SwtCreations_Bkg14.jpg  Image/Resize 80%  copy & paste it to your working image

move its layer to the bottom of the layer palette. While bkg14 layer is highlighted on palette.. apply the mask on it.

#5. Layers/Load/Save/Mask/Load Mask from Disk   Find the mask you want to use on the drop down preview window

#6. Click on top layer of Group (there are 3 mask layers.. Merge/Merge Group.

#7. Not enough of the mask shows behind the frame.. so

Use the deformation tool and put out the edges of the mask... be careful NOT to pull

out too much where it goes off the edge of the image..

#8. Open SwtCreations_SugarPlumFairy.png  Resize 23%  Copy & Paste her onto your working image.

Apply 3D drop shadow to her and kitty

#9. Open SwtCreations_FrillySnowflake2.png  Resize 25%

Copy & paste it above the Mask layer.  I had to move the frame, bkg behind the frame and the fairy over

a lil bit to the right...I didn't move the mask layer.

#10. Duplicate the Snowflake.. and move to bottom left corner.

Duplicate again.. the 3rd one and resize just that one 80%

Position them like below..

#11. Merge the 3 snowflakes so they're one layer.

#12. Time to add your elements.. Highlight the Frame layer.

Open SwtCreations_Tree4.png  resize 37% 3D shadow

SwtCreations_Bow10.png   flip, mirror  resize 23%  3D shadow

SwtCreations_Flower1.png  resize 10%

SwtCreations_Flower2.png   resize  8%

SwtCreations_Flower4.png   resize 6%

#13. Add a new layer below the frame layer...

Use your freehand selection tool and draw out an area.. like below

It does not have to be perfect...

go to Effects/Eye Candy 5 / Nature/ Icicles  and apply this effect on the new blank layer.




#14. Add a new layer and drag to the very bottom of the layer palette. fill with whatever color you want.. on the top of this page..

 I filled with the paper material so that

it would blend with the page.. below I filled it with white.. this is up to you.

#15. Below shows you duplicate the Snowflakes layer twice.. so that you have 3 of its layer..

#16. On the top of the snowflakes layer (highlighted on layer palette).. you go effects/AlienSkin Xenofex2 / Constellation

#17. On the second Snowflakes layer you go to Effects/AlienSkin Xenofex 2/ Constellation  same settings just click the

RANDOM SEED button.. then click OK.

On the 3rd snowflake layer Same thing again but just click the RANDOM SEED button again.

#18. Open your Animation Shop

#19. Hide the middle and bottom snowflake layers.. Have all the rest showing.. right click on the top of the working image window.. and

COPY MERGE... go to animation shop and right click on the desktop and Paste as a new Animation.

Back to PSP , hide the top snowflake layer and unhide the middle snowflake layer.. right click on top and

COPY MERGED,  back to animation shop and right click on the new animation and Paste after current frame.

Back to PSP and hide the middle snowflake layer and unhide the bottom snowflake layer ,

Right click and COPY MERGED again.. back to Animation.. and right click Paste after current frame..

you should have 3 frames there now.. yes?

Check your new animation and see if it all looks right.. if so... Save As a GIF

 if NOT.. back to drawing board :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time