Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Tiny Turtle Designs 'Sugar Plum'

Eye Candy 5 Textures/Texture Noise is used  If you don't already have this plugin installed.

you need to do so.. Install into your mydocs/pspfiles/plugins folder.  If you don't know how to do that refer to my tutorial HERE


In the supplies zip I have included some PSP brushes.. (put the brushes in your brush folder).

Also there is a Merry Christmas word art and Mask. (put the mask in your mask folder)


#1. Open Sugar Plum Papers (5).jpg Shift + D to duplicate window... close original.

Right click on the paper layer on the layer palette.. Promote Background layer.

go to Image/ canvas size   900 x 900  center justify

This is now your working image window

#2. Now to apply your mask to the bkg layer. Go to Layers/ Load/Save Mask/ Load Mask From Disk

Click on the lil arrow by the mask drop down preview window, top left. Find the mask your going to use.

I used mzimm_vintage_christmas_mask_03.jpg

#3.Merge/ Merge group on the 3 mask layers.. You should have one layer there on palette.

#4. Open Sugar Plum Elements (30).png  Copy and paste it into your working image window

#5.  I used my deformation tool to pull out the size of the frame some.. it was a lil bit too small.

#6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame.

#7. You can start 'building' your project now..

Open element (127)   100%  mirrored

element (82)   75% sharpen 2 times  duplicate and flip

Use deformation tool to position it like you want.

#8. Elements (10)   35%  duplicated  flipped and mirrored

Elements (12)   40% Sharpen  Duplicated 2 times.. make one smaller 80%

Don't forget to apply 3D Drop shadows to all your elements.

#9. Element (16)   40%

Element (39)   27%

Element (52)   27%

Element (94)  75%

#10.  elements (120)  80%

 after you copy and paste it...duplicated and flipped,  drag its layer below the flower layers

elements (126)duplicate 2 times.... refer to the pic below on placement

I use my deformation tool ALL the PSP 6.. you just click the K button on the keyboard.. not sure if that works in all versions though..

sorry I don't know.. and can't remember how it was in PSP 9 that I used for years :) There is a tool button I know!

Hint:  when you use deformation tool.. on elements most times you need to SHARPEN once..

FYI... I had to move EVERYTHING over to the right a lil... ran out of room on the left :)

#11.  I used  elements (57)   100%

Elements (99)    100%

Elements (29)   45% On top of everything else.

#12. Add the tube your going to use now.. there on right bottom. Merge all the layers from the FRAME and UP now..

Add a new layer, fill with white... drag to the bottom on layer palette.


Now to animate this graphic.

#13. Duplicate the merged frame layer twice.. (you should have 3 layers of it now)

Duplicate the Mask layer twice ( 3 layers of it too)


#14. Use your magic wand tool and select some of the golds in the top merged frame layer.

#15. Adjust/ Add/Remove Noise  Use these settings on the TOP of the frame layers

#16. Highlight the 2nd frame layer and do the noise on it.. but this time.. set it to 20%

on the 3rd frame layer do 22%  So with EACH frame layer you use a diff noise setting

#17. Unselect...after you do all three..

now using your magic wand tool select on the purple rose..

Select the TOP Frame layer again... use Add Noise again but use these diff settings

#18. Start with 15% on the top layer, 17% on the 2nd frame layer and 19% on the 3rd Frame layer.


#19. Use your round selection tool now and drag a circle over the top frame layer.. but

Highlight the top MASK layer on the palette.

#20. Go to Effects/Alienskin Eye Candy 5/ Texture Noise

Use these settings

#21. Highlight the next (middle) Mask layer.. back to texture noise and leave settings same just hit the RANDOM SEED button.

Highlight the 3rd/ bottom of the Mask layers  go back to Texture Noise and click the RANDOM SEED button again.


#22.  Open the Merry Christmas word art and copy and paste it onto your working image.

ok ONE thing I forgot.. and this is a good thing.. cause it will show you how to add things...when forgotten.. ADD a new layer right ABOVE the

first Mask layer.. I forgot the paint splatter.. soo using several colors that's in the image.. apply splatters on this added layer.

Below shows you which layers to Show...hide the others... RIGHT click on the top of the working image and click COPY MERGED

#23.  Open your Animation Shop and right click on its window  Paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP and hide the top Merged Frame layer and UNHIDE the middle one.... Hide the top of the mask layer and UNHIDE the middle Mask layer..

like below.

After you have it like below.. Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED

Back to Animation Shop and right click on your new animation window and paste behind current frame.

Back to PSP... set your layer palette like below.. then Right click on the top of the working image window and COPY MERGED


Back to Animation shop for the 3rd time and right click on the new animation and paste after current frame.

Check your animation now.. to see if it looks good.. Now is the time if you want it smaller to resize...

 In animation shop go to Animation/resize... and make it 80% or whatever size you want.. use these settings

If its ok.. then save as a Gif.. and you're done!

Toodles till next time