Kit used for this tutorial is a FTU by Misty Hilltops Designs  'Be my Anchor'

Direct Download

Tube used is from Scraps N Co. 'SailorSweet'

Supplies (mask and animation)


#1. Open paper pp5.jpg Shift + D to duplicate... Close the original.

Resize the copy 80%  Right click on the layer palette and promote to background layer

#2. Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip. Merge/merge group.

Go to Image / Canvas size , set to 900 x 900 center justify.

#3. Image should look like below.

#4. Use the deformation tool to pull out the edges of your mask layer. So it will show on all sides of the frame.

#5. Open paper ppsolid4.jpg (dk blue) resize 80% copy and paste it over to your working image below the other paper.. apply the same

mask to its layer  Merge/Merge group.

#6. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame.

Selecting the center. Selections/ Modify/ Expand/ 8 pixels..

#7. Open paper solid3.jpg (Red paper)  resize 77% copy and paste it over to working image. .below the frame layer

Inverse the previous selected inside of the frame.. Cut.

Your image below shows how to place your mask layers.. the dk blue layer below the ships wheel layer.


#8. Add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

#9. Open element flag banner.. and resize 30%

#9. Open the lighthouse element resize 40%copy and paste to your working image.

Open the ships wheel.. resize 40%

Your image should look like below

#10. Open the Anchor element resize 40%  Note: Don't forget to add all your drop shadows on the elements.

Use the deformation tool to turn the anchor to the left some.

#11. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the same one as myself.. resize it 60%

Copy and paste it over to your working image.

#12. Open the journal card2.png resize it 55%  Use the deformation tool to turn it to the left some.

Open element flower 6.png resize it 40%

Open element flower7.png resize 40%

Open journal card 4.png resize 60%

Put its layer below the flowers and other journal card.

Open element Foliage  resize 12%  duplicate.. position below the flower layers.

#13. Here above is how I positioned all of my elements

Note: I wrote the text ' Be my Anchor' on the 2nd Journal card

Don't forget to put all the shadows on your elements and the copyright info for the tube..

I resized all layers at 88%

You can either merge all layers and copy

or just right click on the top of the image and Copy Merge with out merging layers

#14. Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation.

Open the animation that I put in the Supplies zip

The RWnblue spray animation has 15 frames.. so duplicate your frames on your new animation from PSP

select all the frames on each of the animations..

Drag F:1 of the spray animation over to F: 1 of your new animation.. let go of the mouse button AFTER you place it in the

correct place you want.

Check your new animation now if all looks well  Save as a GIF


Toodles till next time.