Scrap was a FTU kit fromLKD Designs ' 4th celebration'

kit download


Mask put in your mask folder

Artwork from İPinuptoons My license # CDO-2339

#1. Open up the round frame element , Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original

Image/canvas size/ 900 x 900  center justify  this is your working image.

Use the magic wand inside the round frame  20 tolerance 0 feather go up to Selections/Modify/ Expand 10 pixels.

 Open paper 4.jpg  copy and paste it to your working image.  NVERT the selection . Make sure you're on the paper layer and hit delete.

that should of got rid of the extra paper around the round frame.

#2. Open paper 1 copy and paste it to your working image. Drag its layer below the frame layer apply your mask to the blue paper layer.

Merge group

#3. Copy and paste paper 2 to your working image and apply the SAME mask to it.

Merge group

with the two mask layers applied your image should look like this below

#4. Open the element fireworks. Use your deformation tool and pull out the nodes to enlarge the fireworks so you can see it better.

#5. Duplicate the layer 2 times you should have 3 layers of it.. on the top layer apply Xenofex 2/ Constellation

using the settings below. Apply Xenofex 2 on all 3 layers of the fire works hitting the RANDOM SEED each time.



#6. Open the star cluster element and the tube your going to use.. put them on top.


here below is what your layer palette might look like. The star and your tube has been merged..

#7. Open your animation shop. Open theRed, White and blue.mng fireworks that was in the supplies zip Delete the first frame on

Loveys animation that is her info, its a black frame.

Notice it has 32 frames. Back in PSP have all layers showing but hide TWO  of the fireworks layers  AND THE TOP STAR AND  GIRL TUBE

on the top of the image right click and COPY MERGE... go to Animation shop and right click on desk top and paste as a new animation. Back to

psp and hide the one fireworks layer and UN hide one of the fireworks layers.  Top of image COPY MERGED back to Animation shop and right

click on your new animation  paste be hind current frame.. Back to PSP  hide the middle layer of the fireworks and unhide the last one.. Top of image

COPY MERGED  again.. over to animation shop and paste after current frame on your new animation. You should have 3 frames in

your new animation. Ctrl + A to select all frames.. select all frames in ALL of the animations you have there in the fireworks animation too

In PSP hide all layers except the star and girl tube.. right click on top and do COPY MERGED  over to animation shop right click on the desk top PASTE AS

NEW ANIMATION. (THIS IS just the star and girl ) You should have on your animation desk top 3 animations... Lovey's red white and blue animation, your animation with

your frame and fireworks element (xenofex applied) and the animation of just the star and girl. they ALL needs to be 32 frames.. so select all frames

and duplicate frames till they have 32 frames. when that's done.. drag, hold down mouse F:1 of the red white and blue over to

F:1 of the Xenofex frames  drag to center of canvas and let go.. Check your animation to see if its right.

If it looks right now is time to Drag F:1 of the star and girl over to F: 1 of the Xenofex animation .

Check your animation if all is well.. Save as a Gif...