Scrapkit used this time for the tutorial is from Squirrely ' Valentines Day Card'

Artwork by ©Alicia Mujica

License # LDSB297

Supplies (mask and animation)


#1. Open a new image  800 x 800  Open paper 3.jpg from the kit

resize it 85%  Copy and paste it over to your new image.. Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip

using the settings below... Merge/ merge group.

#2. Open the tube your going to use... copy and paste her over to the image, (I used the med sized tube)

Open element 09.png (wings) resize them 85%  copy and paste them behind your tube.


#3. Use your erase tool set on  63 size  hardness 0  to erase a lil of the bottom of her legs.. where it's flat


#4. Open element 28.png (frame)  Copy and paste it over to your image.. below the girl and wings layers.

Add a new layer and move it to the bottom of the layer palette.. Fill with white..

#5. Use your selection rectangle tool and pull out a rectangle...Cut off this part of the mask.. Mask sure you pull

the mask down till it shows below her legs some.

#6. Like it shows below

#7.  Open element 33.png  copy and paste it over to your image.

Type the text that you want inside of the pink frame... Notice I adjusted the leading numbers to bring

the lines further apart..

#8. Check all your shadows on all elements.. add the copyright info for the tube..

Then merge all visible.. layers

Right click on top of image and COPY

#9. Open your animation shop.. and right click and paste as a new animation.

Open the heart animation that was in supplies zip..

it has 15 frames... Duplicate the frame from PSP on your new animation.. till it has 15 frames

Drag F: 1 of the heart animation over to F: 1 of the new animation....

#10. Check your animation.. if all looks well... Save As a GIF. .then your done.

Toodles till next time