Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot 'Cliodhna'

Artwork of İVeryMany also used My license # VMT_Artsyatheart

I am using PSP X 6 to write this tutorial on Feb 21, 2017

Plugin used is Screen Works can be found HERE

Supplies (Mask and Animation file)

Mask is by Dangerously Delicious Designs  DD_NFM_2.jpg

#1.  Open paper_2.jpg in the kit  Shift + D to duplicate it.. close the original.

The copy is now your working image. Right click on the paper's background layer on the layer palette

and promote background layer.

#2. Merge/ merge group

#3.  Open Frame_7.png resize 65%  C & P it over to your working image.

#4. Open Paper_18.jpg  C & P it over to working image (it should be below the frame layer)

Use your magic wand tool and select the center of the frame...

#5. Go to Selections/ modify/ expand / 5 pixels INVERT and delete (or cut) ( be on the papers layer)

Select none

#6.  Open the tube that you are going to use and resize it 55%.  C & P it over to your working image.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on both the frame and the tube.

V=0 H=5  Opacity 70% Blur 12.00 and Black for the color. Use this same shadow setting for all your

other elements.

I am using a cute tube of İVery Many called Bruno.

#7. Open Spray_9.png resize 80%  C &  P it over on the left of the frame.

Open element_37.png (plate) Place under the dog... so that it looks like he's laying on it.

Open the dog tube again (full sized) without the hat  Place below  the frame Mirror. Select the center of the frame

with the magic wand. (it wont select all the way to the edges of the frame cause of the applied

shadow... so go to selections/ modify/ expand 15 pixels  INVERT and cut on the full sized dog layer.

#8. Set the dog layer's blend Mode to Lighten.  Merge down the doggy layer and the green paper behind it.

Apply the plugin Screen works/ point array. Your image should look like the one below.

#9. Open Element _34.png (bow) resize 80% mirror

Open element_20.png (flower) resize 60%

Open wordart_2b.png  resize 80%  Place at the bottom of your image.

#10. Open element_18.png  resize 80%

Open element_41.png (sunflower)  resize 65%

Open element_40.png (butterfly) resize 60%

Open element_29.png (crown charm) resize 80%

#11. When you get all the elements on your image like you want.. resize all layers 85%.

 Don't forget the copy right info for your tube.

Right click on the top of your image now and COPY MERGED...

#12. Open your animation shop. and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the animation file that was in the supplies zip.  It has 19 frames.

duplicate the one frame of your new animation till you have 19 frames also.

select all the frames on both animations.

Click hold and drag F:1 of the shamrock animation over to F:1 of your new animation.  I placed mine

at the bottom left... Don't let go of the mouse button till you have placed the animation where

you want it.

Check your new animation now.. if all looks good.. Save as a GIF.