Scrapkit used in this tutorial is Tiny Turtle Designs ' Spring Roses'

Artwork of Barbara Jensen      My LTU #BJ-3511

Supplies ( animations  and WSL mask

This tutorial was written in PSP X6

but any version will work with some tweaking

April 22, 2016


#1. Open paper 49. jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image... close the original.

The copy is now your working image.. Right click on the background layer.. promote background layer.

Apply the WSL_Mask161 to the pink paper.  Merge/ merge group.

Go to Image/ canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify.


#2. Use the deformation tool to pull the corners out.

#3. Open element 18.png (frame)  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open paper 15.jpg(pink striped paper )copy it over to your working image below the frame layer.

Use your magic wand to select inside the frame area... Selections/modify/ expand  10 pixels..

INVERT then cut/ delete on the striped paper layer. Apply a 3d drop shadow on the frame layer.

#4. Copy and paste the tube you're going to use for this tag..

I decided to make the layers smaller so I went to Image/ resize all layers 88%

go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900 center justify again. Add a new layer to bottom of layer palette and fill with white.

Use deformation tool to pull out the mask layer again.

#5. Open element 159a.png  (tri frame)  Note: if you want to have something different  in this tri frame...You can make it yourself by using the

Tri frame 159.png. If you want to use what I did... just open 159a.png. Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open element 14.png (brown flower) resize 32%  sharpen a couple of times... copy and paste over to working image.

Duplicate the brown flower layer and mirror and flip it.

#6. Open element 182.png  copy and paste it below the tri frame layer. Duplicate the layer.

Open element 172.png (pink rose) resize 60% Duplicate pink rose layer.

Open element 63.png resize 30%

#7. Open element 164.png  resize 90% copy and paste over to working image.

Open element 83.png (pink bow) resize 40%

Open element 119.png (love blocks) copy and paste over to working image. This goes with out

saying for all elements moving over to working image and applying a 3D drop shadow on them.

#8. Open element 103.png resize 60%

Open element 98.png

Open element 115.png  place this layer below the flower layers.

Placement below

#9. Don't forget your copyright info for the tube you used...Remember although it needs to be readable.. it does NOT however need to be the first

thing your eye goes to when someone looks at your tag.. don't make it stand out like a sore thumb :)


My image is still too big SOOOOO I resize all layers 85%  go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900   fix the white background

layer by filling it with white again...

Duplicate the mask layer.. bring one up to left and one down to right.  You will have to crop some.. but the image is

wide enough for the mask not to get cut off..

#10. I merged all the layers from the frame on up... like you see below.

all the bottom layers can be merged too.. Hide the top layers and right click on the top of the image


Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation.

#11. Open the swan scene animation it has 16 frames to it..and the smoke animation has 19 or so

Duplicate the new animation frame till you have 16 frames also. Select all frames on all animations.

Click hold and drag F:1 of the swan scene over to F: 1 of your working  animation.. let go of mouse when you position it over the

pink striped paper.

Back to PSP hide the bottom layers and un hide the merged top layers.. Right click on top of image and COPY MERGED

back to animation shop and right click on desktop and paste as a new animation  Duplicate  the one frame till you have 16 frames...

Drag F: 1 of the top merged layer animation over to your F: 1 of your working animation... be sure to line it up correctly on the swan animation.

 now for the smoke.. for the cup of coffee... Drag F: 1 of the smoke over to F: 1 of your working animation.

it took me several times of undoing till I got the smoke to look like it was coming from the top of the cup instead of on its side.. so

don't be afraid to UN DO UN DO :)

Check your new animation and see if all looks well..

Save a s a  GIF

Your done.. till next time toodles.