Scrapkit used in this tutorial is a FTU ADBDesigns Blog Hop 'Buds to Blooms'


Artwork of Caron Vinson also used you can get her artwork HERE

must have her license to use.. Mine #CDO-2339

Mask Not sure but I think its a Millie's Madness Mask (put this mask in your mask folder)


#1. Open Frame3.png  Resize 35%  Shift + D to duplicate the window, close the original

This is now your working image.  Go to Image/ Canvas Size 900 x 900  Center justify.

#2. Open Paper3.jpg  copy and paste it over to your working image.

apply a mask to  the  paper layer. Merge group


#3. Use your deformation tool on it and pull out the corners of the mask where it will how from beneath the frame.

#4. Open Border1.png and Border 2.png On border 2.png go to Image/Rotate Right.. on Border1.png/ Image/ Rotate left.

#5. Resize each one 18%  Copy and paste each one on to your working image

Position below the frame layer like below...

#6. Use your magic want and click on the center of the frame.. making sure y ou're on the

frame layer on the layer palette.

#7. Inverse the selection Highlight border 1 png layer  click delete on the keyboard

#8. Highlight border 2.png on the layer palette.. and click delete on the keyboard.


#9. Your image should like the below sample.


#9. Start opening elements you're going to use on this image..

flower7.png  resize 28%

flower5.png  resize 25%

flower4.png  resize 18%

foliage2.png  resize 15%

bug1.png resize 20%

ribbon2.png  resize20% (I cut some of the tails off)

bug2.png Resize 25%

Add a new layer , drag to the bottom of the layer palette. fill with white


#10.I merged all the top element layers together... I have the frame layer by its self.. and duplicated 2 times (3 layers of it)

the pink lady bug is on it's own layer. The bkg layers are merged also

#11. Use the plugin  Xenofex 2/ constellation on the top of the frame layers... using these settings below.

on the 2nd frame layer go to the same plugin and use same settings and click the random seed button.. do this same thing on the

3rd frame layer. Hit the random seed button


Now look below... have the top frame layer showing.. and the other 2 hid...all other layers are showing also...

notice the bug over on the right side.. under her hand.

Right click on the top of the window.. COPY MERGED..

Open your animation shop and right click on the desk top and Pase as a new animation.

This is confusing I know... will try to explain best i can.. you have to have a different frame layer unhid with each time you move the bug over to the left

first time you have the top one showing, move the bug. then copy merge to animation shop and paste behind frame... next time.. have the middle purple frame showing.. move the bug again.. copy merged (same steps until the bug has disappeared over on the left side..

I ended up with 6 frames over in Animation shop.. you might have less or more.. it depends on how many times you move the bug.

Shift + A to select all the frames.. Right click and click Frame Properties.. and set the speed to 20

Check to see if you did everything right.. then SAVE AS a gif..

Woofff!! you're done!!!  Thank goodness huh..