Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from  Tammy Welt's 'Spooky' sold at Hania's Designs store.

Artwork of ŠNocturne also used. PFD_Swt60

This tutorial was written using PSP X 9 on Oct 11, 2016.

Supplies (mask)

Plugins used: EyeCandy 5/ Texture/ Textured Noise


#1. Open element Spooky (46).png (purple oval frame)  Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original

the duplicated one is now your working image.   Resize 85%. Go to image/ canvas size/ 825 x 700 center justify.

#2.  Open paper 1.jpg Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original. On the duplicated copy

resize 85% . Go to Colorize , bring the saturation down to 0% on the paper.

Add a new layer to your working image drag it to the bottom of your layer palette

go to Selections/ select all

#3. Right cick on your paper1.jpg and Copy. Click on your working image and paste into selection.

the paper should be on the layer below the frame.

Below shows applying the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper layer.

Merge/ merge group

#4. Apply a 3D dropshadow on the frame with the settings like below



#5. Open the creepy night .jpg that was in the zip folder and put it's layer below the frame layer.

select the center of the frame using your magic wand tool ( you might have to click it twice closer to the edge of the frame

cause of the 3D drop shadow.)

Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels  INVERT then CUT on the scene layer.

#7. On the scene below the frame.. I used colorize and brought the saturation down to 0 like I did on the paper for the mask.

#8. Open the element Spook (34).png ( tree) resize 80% mirror.

Open element Spooky (4).png (celtic Cross) resize 50%

Open element Spooky (24).png (pile of bones)resize 50%

Open element Spooky (42).png (purple leaves) resize 85% Below the Cross

Open element Spooky (61).png (web) resize 50% (behind Cross

#8. Open element Spooky (13.png (limbs) resize 75%  Put below the Cross.

Open element Spooky (11).png (howling wolf) resize 70%

Open element Spooky (28).png (bat) resize 30%

Open the tube your going to use.. and resize accordingly.

#9. Don't forget the copyright info and all the drop shadows for the elements

I usually put white on  the bottom layer but this time so that it would blend with the tutorial page I put a grey on bottom layer.

I merged down the mask layer with the background layer (dk grey)

Leave the graveyard scene on it's own layer. Merge all the other top layers together from  the frame on up.

Duplicate the graveyard scene 2 times so you end up with 3 of it's layers.

#10.Apply the plugin Alien Skin EyeCandy 5/ Texture/ Textured Noise to each of the Cemetery scenes

On the settings tab set it to Subtle Shadows then set it with these settings on the top of the cemetery scenes

then with the other two scenes click the Random Seed button.

#11.  Open your Animation Shop now.

Hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the cemetery scene by X'ing out the layers

have all other layers showing.. Right click on the top of the image and Copy Merged

in Animation shop right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP  Hide the top of the cemetery layers and UN hide the middle one.. all other layers are showing..

Right click and COPY MERGED again.

Back to Animation shop and paste behind current frame.

Back to PSP hide the middle of the cemetery layers and UN hide the last or bottom one.

Right click again and COPY MERGED

In Animation shop paste behind current frame.. you should end up with a 3 framed animation.

Ctrl + A to select all frames right click and go to animation properties and change the speed to 35.

Check your animation if all is ok... Save as a GIF.


Toodles till next tut.