I used a FTU kit on this tutorial 'Simply Thankful' Sorry I don't know

 where I got the scrapkit or who made it, I do know it was a freebie

if you know.. contact me at normas-psp@cox.net and I will give the designer the credit for the kit.

Kit direct download

I gathered some American Indian pictures from the net you can choose from them to use what you want in the frame


Animation HERE  made by Simone.

Mask Put this mask into your mask folder.

I also used the cute artwork of ©Caron Vinson you must purchase and have a license # to use.

Mine is #CDO-2339


#1. Open StackedPaper2.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image, close the original.

the duplicate will be your working image. Resize the paper 50%... right click on its layer and promote background layer.

go to Image/ Canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify.

#2. open Paper9.jpg resize 80% , drag its layer over to your working image window.

drag its layer below your stacked paper layer.

#3. go to Layers/Load/save mask/Load mask from disk.. find your mask on the drop down preview mask window.

and Apply the mask you want to use on the diamond paper layer

#4. Merge/ Merge group... Duplicate the Mask layer 2 times (you will have 3 of the Mask layers) Merge them all together.

Your image should look like below.

#5. Open the TeePees by deskridge.jpg

resize the teepees picture 60%  mirrored. Copy and paste the Teepee image over to your working image window.

have the teepee layer above the frame layer.. use the deformation tool to make it where it is right inside the top

and bottom of the frame... then cut off the extra on the left side. You might have to lower the opacity of the teepee

layer so you can see where to make the selection cut.

#6. Open the great_american_bison picture and

use your selection tool on rectangle feathered at 20, and draw a selection round the bison

from the waist up to past the head, like below.COPY

#6.  And paste the bison over to the teepee picture Set the Bison layers blending mode to soft light and duplicate the bison layer

twice,  On that first layer of the Bison... make sure

you position it just like you want it.. cause when you duplicate it twice it will be hard to line them all up again.

You will have to erase extra parts of the bison on the top and sides from all 3 layers of the bison layers.

Set the top bison layer on 35% opacity... the other two on 100%.

#7. Below is placement of the elements I used.

Element24.png  resize 20%

element27.png  resize 23%

element33.png  resize 8%

element30.png  resize 10%

element25.png  resize 18%

element45.png  resize 50% mirror

element39.png  resize 25%

element20.png  resize 20%  just select one leaf off of this element and use it...

element6.png resize 30%

#8. Open your animation shop now... Hide all the top layers except the ones showing below

Right click on the top of window and COPY MERGED... over to animation shop.. Open the animation

it has 15 frames to it... right click on the animation desktop and paste as a new animation.. Duplicate the frames to this new animation till you get 15 frames also..

Shift + A to select all the frames in EACH of the animations...

Drag F:1 of the SimoneANI420Yellow.mng over to F: 1 of the new animation from PSP. Don't let go of the mouse button till you have it placed exactly where you want it.

Back over to PSP


#9. Hide all the bottom layers... UN hide the top layers.. like below.. right click on the top of the image window

And COPY MERGED... back over to animation shop and right click on animation desktop and paste as a new animation.

Duplicate the frame on  this new animation till you have 15 frames. do the same as when you moved the burst animation

on top of the teepee animation.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames... drag F: 1 of this top layers animation over to the F: 1 of your new animation you're building.

Let go of the mouse button till you get it lined up just right.. Check your animation now.. and see if all looks right.. if not UN DO  so you can start again.

if it looks right.. then save as a GIF.