I used the artwork of İShelly Comisky  She doesn't sell her artwork anywhere that I know of now...

If you happened to get this set when she did GREAT!

Tag templet HERE  by  Dangerously Delicious Designz

Eye Candy 5/ Nature/Smoke is used

#1. Open your tag template  Shift + D to duplicate it.. close the original .

Click on the Aqua Oval layer. go to Selections/ Select all/ Float/ De-float  Add a new layer above the Aqua Oval layer and pick a

bkg paper (I used the hot-Chocolate.jpg) from the Snowman set and fill on the new layer. Set the Scale to 50%. 

Go ahead and delete the original Aqua Oval layer.


#2. Click on the blue rectangle layer  go to Selections/Select all/Float/De-float  Add a new layer above the blue rectangle layer.

Fill this added layer with the cocoa-teal-stripes.jpg paper.

Note:  this process is done with the whole template, selecting a layer.. floating it then adding a new layer above it and filling the new layer.

Then deleting the original layer.


#3. I filled the rectangles on the very bottom with the dots.jpg  set at 25% fill

and put a 3D drop shadow on them first time V=2 H=2 9 blur 50% opacity then

V=-2  h=-2  9 blur  50% opacity

#4. Colorize layer 1.. using settings below.. this is the edging around the oval layer.

#5. On the snowflake overlay layer I used Brightness/Contrast and brought the lightness up all the way to 255.

#6. I filled the aqua stripe layer at 100% fill with the cream knit.jpg paper.

and the white strip layer with the cocoa-snowflakes.jpg at 35% fill

everything else I left the same.

#7. Open cup-cocoa.png  resize 40%. mirror it.. drag its layer over to your working image.

Apply a 3D drop shadow to it.

V=3 H=3 60% opacity and 9 blur

#8. Open the latte-topper  resize 35% drag its layer to your working image.. be SURE to position the cup below the text layer and also beure

the hat of the snowman don't go off the edge of the top.. move them down far enough,

#9. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the snowman (have the shadow on its own layer checked)

Use the rectangle selection tool and erase some of the shadow.. where it shows it below


#10. Use the smudge tool to smudge the shadow layer where you can see it flattened there where the two red pointers are.

(this happened when you erased the shadow part there in the center.)

#11. Now merge the snowman layer with the shadow layer.

Duplicate the snowman layer. Hide the orginal.

Move the duplicated snowman layer BELOW the Cup layer.. Position like below and

erase the part of the snowman that is sticking out of the sides of the cup.

going to call this layer the popup snowman from now on.

Hide this popup snowman layer for now..

#12. Use the free hand selection tool set on 10 feather

draw an area.. around the top of the mug area.. don't go below the brim area.

it don't have to be perfect.. drag it kind of like below.. out from the sides of the cup and up.

after you get the selection there INVERT

Now duplicate the cup layer 2 times where you have 3 layers of it..

#13. On the layer palette hide all the cup layers both the snowmen.. and the snowflake text which should be on top

Merge Visible on all the other layers.. it should look like below.


#14. APPLY Eye Candy 5/Nature/Smoke to the first cup

on the settings tab choose Large, Steaming Coffee


On the Basic tab use these settings.

#15. On the second cup layer come back to EC 5 nature/Smoke and hit the RANDOM SEE button.. do the same on the 3rd layer of the cup.. just hitting

the RANDOM SEED button.

Now on the layer palette.. hide the two bottom cups and the first snowman layer where you see its mittens..


#16. Right click on top of image window and COPY MERGED

#17. Open your animation shop..

right click on desktop and paste as new animation.

back to PSP.

Right click COPY MERGED

over to animation shop and paste after current frame

Back to PSP

Copy Merged

over to Animation shop

Paste after current frame

 Right click on your 3 frames there and go to animation properties and set the speed on 50.

Back to PSP. Hide the hiding snowman's layer and unhide the mittens showing snowman.. un hide the top cup layer.

Right click Copy Merged

over to animation shop  Paste after current frame.

Ok in Animation shop you should have 4 frames now... right click on the 4th frame that you just pasted and set the speed to 120.

On the animation select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd frames.. make sure they are blue..COPY..

then click on the 3rd frame to select it and paste behind current frame.

You should have 7 frames.. you can always tweak the speed settings.. find something you like.. :)

You should save as a GIF and your done!!

Toodles till next time