I have made this Snowglobe alpha for you..



In the supplies zip I have included some Winter snow trees also the Pixel Snowman set.

Below I did a Video tutorial of this also..

in case you want to download the video tut , you can  HERE


#1. Open the snow globe alpha  A-F.png  I also opened the PixelSnowmen.psd that was in the supplies zip..

I copied and pasted which ever snowmen I wanted to use, and positioned them on the letters.

#2 After you get all the snowmen, trees etc onto the letters you hide letter layer and merge visible on all the other layers.

I applied a 3D drop shadow to the snowman merged layers.

#3. I wanted more snow on the letters.. so I applied VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes on the merged snowmen layer

Using these settings below.

#4. You end up with the snow all over the snowman layer.. Highlight the letter layer now on the layer palette,  use your magic wand tool and

click on the outside of the letters..

#5. Go to Selections/expand/6 or 8 pixels..(depends on how close you want it to be cropped.

 click Delete/cut


#6.You should end up with it looking like below.. Unselect now.

#7. Use your eraser tool and erase the white snow around the edges that over laps into the drop shadow..

Dont forget inside the A, B and D letters...you might have to make your round brush

Thickness 50.. shaped like an oval so you can erase in those narrow areas.


You should be done.. In the video it shows how you use the selection tool to separate the letters.. Hope

you enjoyed the tuts... till next time TOODLES!!