In the zip file I have my snowflakes animation (3 frames) in .mng format.

Also have included the misted snow scene tube..

and I left the original tube makers name on the file.

I used the artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott (my license to use # SW 881)

 You can no longer buy her tubes.. hope you have some :) if not

you could use any tube you like... I also used the PTU kit of Lindsay Jane 'Jingle Bell Blues'


Plugin/Filter used to make the Snow Ani, mng file : VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes 101

Below in this tutorial I will show you how to make your own Snow Animation using the above plugin.

NOTE:  I used PSP X6 to make this tutorial

You can use any version of PSP that you want.

#1. Open the Nov series Winter 12-3.psd misted tube, Shift+D to duplicate the tube,

close the original.

From the kit  I used the old frame. png  (or make your own or use one from another kit)

Shift+D to duplicate the frame and close out the


Resize the frame to 32%,  Copy / Paste the winter scene to the frame image. Drag

it's layer below the frame.

#2. Add a drop shadow to the frame layer...EVERY thing should have a 3D drop shadow applied

to it.. except a misted tube. Your tag/graphic will look soooo much better

and professional if it has the 3D drop shadows!!

#3. Use your rectangle selection tool and make a selection a lil bit bigger than the inside

edges of the frame. (refer to the capture below.)

Make sure you are on the misted winter scene layer INVERT and cut/delete. That

should get rid of the excess over hang. Below is a sample of how it should look.


#4.  While its still selected, add a new layer.. drag it to below the winter scene.. fill with a coordinating color.

I used #4d637f. This was to fill the misted scene in on the outside edges & corners.

#5. Merge the two layers together, NOT the frame layer though... just

winter scene and the color fill layer behind the scene..

#6. The winter scene wasn't the right color to match the tube.. so i used the colorize tool and changed it.

Using the settings below. You may not have to colorize.. it depends on the look you're going

for.. and what tube you use. It's a judgment call.

#7. I added elements out of the kit and put a bow up at the top.. this is up to you

what you like.. I also put the sleigh behind the girl tube..

#8. Don't forget to put your copyright info on your image.. the trick is to not make it so

dark and big that its the first thing that people see when they look at your animation...

That's just yucky looking and unprofessional to have it sticking out like a sore thumb :)

Have to have it readable though.

#9. If you look at the above capture... you will notice I merged all of the top elements together....

That's from the frame on UP...then I merged all the bottom layers together.

#10. Hide the top merged layer (frame, tube and elements)

Note:  I added a new layer and dragged it below all the layers and filled it with the

light blue patterned background.. and put a frame around it.. I wasn't going to make this animation

on a transparency... cause I had brought the tube and elements out past the edges of the frame..they

have 3d drop shadows on them so i could NOT make it transparent..3d shadows mess that up... so

thats why I put the bkg layer on there..

 Have the bottom layer highlighted on the layer palette... right click on

the top of the image and click 'copy merged'   Doing copy merge copies all layers that aren't hidden

if I had of just copied, it would of just copied the bottom merged layer and not have copied the bkg

layer too.. and I wanted both of them copied..

#11.  Open your animation shop.. and right click on it's desk top and 'paste as a new animation'.

That should of pasted your mist and bkg there calling it your new animation.

At the top of the animation shop window there is a duplicate button..

you will see it below in the capture. Click it 2 times.. you should have 3 frames...

now, this is IF you use my snow animation.. cause it has 3 frames..

If you happen to have another snow animation that has more frames.. then duplicate that new

animation.. till you have the SAME amount of frames that your snow animation has.

#12. Select all (Ctrl + A ) the frames in the new animation image.. Select ALL (Ctrl + A ) the frames in the snow animation.

Drag the FIRST ( #1) snow animation frame to the FIRST (#1) frame of your new working animation...

(click, hold, & drag)

 do NOT let up on the mouse until you have the snow animation exactly where you want

to drop it!!  If your snow animation is too big and it goes over on the sides.. you might have to UNDO.. on both

images.. start over but first take (export) the animation to PSP and resize it smaller or larger..

If you make your own snow animation... you could make it any size you want.. will show you at the end of this

tutorial how to make your own.

#13.  Back in PSP high light your layer where you merged all the top layers (unhide it!!) & Hide all the other layers.

 right click on the image's top bar and either copy or copy merge.. this time it doesn't

matter which one because your just copying one layer.   Go to animation shop and right click on the desktop

of Animation Shop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate it's frame so that it

has same amount of frames  your new animation has.. 3 if you use my animated snow... I selected all

the frames... just like before.. click/ hold / and dragged the first frame over to the first

frame of your working animation.. make sure you have all of its frames selected

Holding that mouse button down as you drag it... don't let go till you've lined it up exactly over the

scene animation... pay attention that there are no gaps under the edges of that top frame.. and you

don't see lighter color.. Look below.. you can't let up on the mouse till that frame is lined

up correctly.. then let go of mouse

Check out your new animation to see if it looks right (there is a button for that )

if its snowing too fast.. Select All (Ctrl + A ) and right click 

on the animation top and go down to Animation Properties..

the smaller the number the faster it is...10 is default I think... and I set mine on 35.

Save as:  .On the Save As window

 Click the ' Customize '  and use these settings below.. sometimes.. rarely you have

to change the Optimized Median Cut  to Optimized Octree...

the animation will look better( usually it's one with alot of skin tone colors..

try both ways, to see which looks just depends on all your other settings

Animations never look as good as a .jpg being that a .GIF is only 255 colors..

and a .JPG could be up to 16 million.. BIG DIFF.. wish they'd come up with a better animation shop!! lol

You should be done!!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any

questions , please fell free to contact me  I will be happy to help if I can.


Have the VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes 101 plugin already unzipped and put into

your Docs/Corel Paintshop Pro/16.0/Plugins folder, that's if you're using PSP X6

If you don't know where your plugins folder is,  then this is much more advanced than you can do..

 Don't ever put plugins in your programs folders...

always put them in your documents/ psp folder/ plugins folder.. whatever version

you are using. If your PSP is open when you do this you will have to close and reopen to see the new plugin.

Let's begin.....

#1. Open a new image.. to whatever size you want your animation.

Lets do one 600 x 600.

#2. Add two more layers... so you have 3 layers all together.

hide 2 of the layers. This next step is up to you.. I'm going to show you my settings.

Make sure you're on the layer that's not hid on the layer palette.

Go to  Effects/VDL Adrenaline/Snowflakes

#3.  Use my settings below...on that first top layer. You can tweak the settings if you'd like.  For each

of the other layers you use the SAME settings BUT all you change is the Random Seed setting

#4. I like to use the seamless tiling tool on each of the snowflake layers..

use the settings below for that.

#5.  Use the snowflake plugin on EACH layer....on the second layer just change the random seed setting..

it doesn't matter what number you put it on.. use the seamless tiling on it.. same settings as before.

#6.  On the bottom layer.. use the snowflakes plugin.. changing ONLY the random Seed setting.

apply it then use the seamless tile tool , using the same settings.

#7.  I named all the layers .. starting at the top.. Snow 1  Snow 2 and Snow 3

Highlight the Snow 1 layer.. COPY.. go to Animation Shop and right click on the desktop and

paste as a new animation... go back to PSP and highlight the Snow 2 layer.. COPY  back to AS and

right click on the top of the new animation and paste/after current frame.  Back to PSP and highlight

the 3 layer Snow 3... COPY  back to AS then right click on new animation.. Paste/After current frame.

SAVE AS now as a .MNG (Animation Shop Animation)

 Then you can use this snow animation... over and over for different projects.

Hope you enjoyed this..

Toodles till next time!

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