Hi once again friends... I saw this cute scrap kit  called Skullz N Stiripez at Tasha's Playground Blog

and thought I could do a cute tutorial using it.

I am using PSP X 7 for this tutorial

Mask is reikastarmask2. i cant' remember where I got it at... I remember the name

Reika though seems like she stopped making her scrap kits but not sure.. put the mask into your mask folder


in the supplies zip is the mask and the animation file.

I also used the cute Punk art of İVery Many

There are no external plugins used in this tutorial 

Animation shop 3 is used.


#1. Open paper15  right click on its layer on the layer palette and promote background layer.


#2..Go to layer/Load save layer from disk/Load Mask from disk...Find the mask on the drop down preview window list..

#3. Apply  the riekastarmask2 to the bkg. Use the settings below.

#3. Merge/ group 

#4. Duplicate the mask layer 3 times so you end up with 4 of it's layers.. Merge/visible..

With just one layer of the mask it was too see through for my liking...

#5. Go to image/ canvas size , make it 900 x 900.Can resize later


#6.Open the element frame2.png  Drag it's layer from the layer palette over to your new image window.

Open the tube your going to use and drag

its layer over to your working image window. Have the frame layer above the tube layer.

#7. using your magic wand tool select on the inside of the frame.( that layer must be highlighted

in the layers palette.  Go to Selections/ Modify/expand/ 2 pixels  Selections/ Invert..


#8. Use your eraser tool

and erase the girls legs JUST on the bottom where the frame is.  Move the tube layer ABOVE the frame layer now.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer using the below settings.


#9. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the tube now using the settings below.

#10. in the next few steps I copy and paste elements over to the working image.. or drag their layers over.. either way works.

#11.element flower 2.png

element flower3.png


element flair1.png

element star2.png

element stars.png

element skulls cherries.png

I didn't have to resize any of them. When you get them placed like you want.. you hide all the

 bottom layers just have the elements unhid then you merge visible on the elements

so all the small elements should just be on one layer.  Duplicate the layer and mirror it.

as shown below  use your deformation tool and pull out the frame to make it look round again..

Go to objects/ align/center in canvas.



#12. I decided I wanted another layer of mask.. so I used paper11.jpg drug its layer over to the working image.

and applied the same mask that I used at first. Positioned them kind of staggered from the other one.

Hide all layers except the two mask layers and the frame.. highlight the first grey mask layer on the layer palette.. then

used my brush tool set on45 size/  white round made a white dot see below this is for placement of the animation burst

 I'm going to use on this tag in a few mins. I ended up putting 3 dots in various places UNDER the fame layer.

Now hide the frame layer. Add a new layer drag to the very bottom of the layer palette... and fill with white..

don't forget to add your copyright info on to your tag.

Ok with just the two mask layers and the bottom bkg white layer showing... right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGE

OPEN your animation shop. Right click on its desk top/ paste as a new animation.

#13. Open the TurqDotBurst.mng. Notice it has 13 frames to it... your new animation.. Ctrl + A 

on the color burst animation to select all the frames.

On the new animation (mask with dots of placement) use the duplicate button in Animation shop.

clicking it4 times will make 9 frames... so clicking it 5 times will make17 frames... that's too many . Just  highlight 14-17 frames and DELETE.

you should end up with 13 frames.. for this to work right you have to have the same amount of frames in the animation and the new mask animation.

Ctrl + A on the  mask animation.. to select all the frames. You see your placement dots?? on the mask animation?

you had already selected all the dot burst animation frames.

Now for the fun part.. click. Hold & drag F:1 of the dotburst animation.. over to the F: 1 of the mask animation.. don't let up

on the mouse button till you place it where you marked it with the white dot.. in psp.




Check your animation...with this button to see if it looks right..  I think I did repositioning of my dots a few times untill i got it like I wanted :)

Over in PSP hide all layers except the elements, frame girl.  Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGE.

Over in Animation shop  Right click on the desktop of  AS and past as a new animation.

Duplicate that new animation so you have 13 frames again...refer to up above on how to do that again.

Select all frames Ctrl + A ... just like before you Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers animation over to F: 1 to your animation that you put the dot burst on..pay close attention before you let up on the mouse button of your placement.. if you screw up just UNDO the dragging over..

You end up with your finished animation  Check it if all looks well.. Save as a GIF.

Toodles till next time friends.