Scrapkit used for this tutorial was from Crazy Carita's 'This Christmas'

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen is also used...Carmine from Pkg 77

Supplies (Snow animation, Word text , mask , & Scenery)

#1.  Open pp3.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original the copy is now your working image

Right click on the papers bkg layer and promote to bkg layer.  go to image/ canvas size and type in 900 x 900

Center shown below apply your mask to the paper layer.

#2. Merge/ Merge group

#3.Open frame 5.png and drag its layer over to your working image.

Open the winter scene that was in the supplies zip file. Drag its layer over to your working mage.. below the frame layer.

Center it.. You might want to make it a lil bit smaller so that more of the picture will show in the frame.. Use your deformation tool

to bring in the corners of the scene.

#4. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame.. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame..

go to Selections/ modify / expand 5 pixels.. INVERT and cut on the scene layer.

#5. Open the tube your going to use...copy and paste it to your working image,  apply a 3d drop shadow on her.

Apply the same drop shadow on the frame too.

#6. Your image should look like below. If your mask layer isn't big enough use your deformation tool to pull it out larger.


#7. Start opening the elements you're going to put on this image.

Element 21.png

Bow 2.png

element 18.png  resize  60%  duplicate

element 26.png  duplicate

element 6.png

element  16.png  duplicate... merge these two layers together.

element 33.png  resize 75%  duplicate... resize the duplicate 75%

#8. Don't forget to put your 3d drop shadow on ALL your elements including the tube.

Your image should look like below.. if you're going to make it like the sample at the top of the page..

Add a new layer... drag it to the bottom of the layer palette and fill it with white.

#9. Open the silver text words and resize 37%

Copy and paste it to your working image. Place it where you want it..

don't forget to put the copyright info for your tube on there

#10. Time to merge the layers... below is sample on how I merged my layers...

All the top layers merged... you need to duplicate the fencing layer 2 times.. so that you end up

with 3 layers of it.. I also merged the scenery, mask and white bkg layers.

#11. on EACH of the fencing layers.. apply Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Texture noise on them...

with the settings below...  hit RANDOM SEED each time on the 2nd and 3rd layers of the fencing.

#12. UNHIDE the merged top layers... where the fencing shows in the center of the frame.. erase... ALL three of the fencing layers

#12. Now hide all the layers except the merged scenery, mask and white bkg layers

Right click on the top of your image window..  COPY MERGED...

#13. Open your animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the mng file that was in the supplies zip... its the snow animation.

notice it has 12 frames to it... on the new one from PSP duplicate the layers till you have the same amount of 12 frames..   Ctrl + A to select all frames on both animations..

Drag F: 1 of the snow animation over to F: 1 of your new animation..  don't let go of mouse till you have the snow over the scenery rectangle. You can position

it on the right side of the scenery.. no need to put it on the left side cause it will not show...

#13. Back in PSP hide the bottom layers... UN hide the top merged layer and unhide the first of the fencing layers..

Right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGE... over to Animation shop.. right click on it's desk top and

paste as a new animation... back to PSP and hide the top of the fencing layers and unhide the 2nd one...

Right click and COPY MERGE.. back to Animation shop and paste behind current frame.. on your new animation

Back to PSP and hide that 2nd layer of fencing and UN hide the bottom (last) fencing layer... COPY MERGE

OVER on Animation shop... paste behind current frame... now there is 3 layers to this new animation...

Select all frames and duplicate till you have 12 frames.. Select all the frames again and drag

F: 1 of the top layers over to F: 1 of the animation with the snow you are building... Check your new animation..

there should be now jumps or such with it.. if so UNDO and redo till its correct...

if all is well it should be ready to SAVE AS a GIF...


Toodles till next time