#1.  File/preferences/ General program preferences

These are each of the tabs in preferences... I wont explain them.. just set them the way I have mine if you want.



I don't dock my materials and layers.. so that I can move them around as needed.

I put my default resolution on 300 pixels.. that way if someone wanted to print my creations they could with clarity

This is up to each individual.. I dont like grey :)  so I put mine on light violet

I disable the warnings...If you were new on PSP I'd not do this..

I Always do the auto actions..

This comes in handy as far as protecting your working it makes a copy of it.. I don't have this checked.


This is file associations.. I set mine on ALL

This is file locations.. you can have other files.. like Masks for instance on like an external hard drive.. you just have to 'tell' psp where they are

In case psp crashes and you were working on something this setting will save that work.. its a good thing to get in the habit of Saving something in PSD

format  and save once in a while...in case something happens so you wont loose your work as a back up.

for the tools you use all the time... you can do this below and personalize your tool bar...

choosing what tools you use alot.. you just go to customize and click and drag that tool up to your tool bar...

As you can see I got quite a few up there I use alot

Be sure and save your new workspace... name it.. that way you can share it with someone or load it anytime you want..


I hope this helps in getting your PSP 7 up and running so you can start creating with it!!!!