Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Jumpstart Designs 'Settling into Autumn' (discontinued)

The cute Artwork of ŠAlexzandra Vanek' s scarecrow girl..

Supplies (mask and MNG animation file )

This tutorial was written with PSP X 6. You should have a good working knowledge of PSP


#1. Start with opening Paper 9.jpg (orange)  Shift + D to duplicate it... resize it 80%Close the original. the copy is now your working image

apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper. Using the settings below.

#2.Merge / merge group


#3. Go to image/ canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify.

Open frame 1. png (green oval frame) resize 70% Copy it over to your working image.

Open paperblend 2 .jpg (orange, green and red) resize it 80% put its layer behind the frame layer

Use your magic wand and select the inside of the frame.. then go to  selections modify/ expand   10 pixels 

INVERT and cut on the paperblend 2.jpg layer. Your image should look like below.

#4. Copy and paste the tube  over to your working image....

Open element Autumn label 4.png and resize 50% . Use the deformation tool to turn it some to the right.

#5. Open element Bow_1.png (dk Mauve ) recolor using these settings

#6. Resize 55%This is what it should look like so far :)

#7. Open element Autumn label 4.png and resize 50% . Use the deformation tool to turn it some to the right.

Open element flower 10.png resize 50% duplicate it (erase the stem of each of them....

Flip one upside down merge the two together and apply a Bevel to them both.

You might have to enlarge the canvas size so that they fit on the same canvas. Apply an

inner bevel to them using these settings.

#8. Copy and paste them over to your working image. Your image should look look like the one below.

Open element flower 13.png (orange flower ). resize 40%. Open Autumn leaf_4.png resize 40%

Open Autumn leaf_3.png resize 40%


#9. Image with the leaves on it.

#10 Don't forget all your 3D shadows on all your elements

#11.Add a new layer and move to the bottom of layer palette.

Open element splatter 3.png resize 50%  Duplicate mirror..

Open element bubbles_1  resize 60% duplicate and mirror..

Merge all your layers now...Right click on the top of the image and copy.

over in your animation shop... right click on the  desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the mng animation that was in the supplies zip. Orange N yellowDots.mng

it has 26 frames... Duplicate your new animation from PSP till it has the same amount of frames too 26. Once that is done . Click hold and drag over Frame 1on the orange and yellow dots over to Frame : 1 of the   the new animation from PSP . Don't let go of the mouse button till you you have the Orange and yellow dots

where you want them on the new animation. let go of mouse when you do.... Check your new animation if it all looks ok, no jumping and such.. Save as a GIF..

You should be done now... :)