Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a PTU kit from Dee's Sign Depot 'In My Circle'

Tube used is ęDi Halim you can find their tubes at Pics for Design. You must purchase the tube and have a license..

My licnese # is PFD_SWT60

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X8  Sept 3, 2015

Xenofex 2/ Constellation plugin is used.



#1. Open Spray6.png first.. Shift + D to duplicate. close the original.

The duplicated spray is now your working image.

Go to image/ canvas size  900 x 900 Center Justify.

Open 4c.png frame.. resize it 80% then drag its layer over to your working image.

#2. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame area... go to selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels

#3. Open paper 12.jpg & paper 5.jpg  Drag paper 5 first over to working image positioning layer below the frame layer.. then drag paper 12 over to working image

below paper 5 and frame layer.(paper 12 will be below Paper 5)

#4. Invert the selection.. then CUT on paper 12 & Paper 5 layers.. Set the blend mode on paper 5 on multiply.

Your image should look like below. Select none.

#5. Open the scrarecrow girl tube. resize her 50% move her to your working image.

Duplicate Spray 6.png layer and flip.. move to bottom left..

Open Spray 10.png  drag its layer over to your working image.. duplicate and flip


#6. Open el 70.png  Rotate left.. drag its layer over to your working image.. position there on the right side of frame.

Duplicate the layer..

open el50a, resize 50% , el50b resize 50%, el50e resize 50%

open el68.png, resize 50%

open el57, resize50% duplicate

open el47, resize 50%

open el30.png

open el12b

open el56c, resize 30%

open el16, resize 80%

#7. below is how the elements are placed.. don't forget your 3D drop shadows on all elements

#8. Add a new layer and drag it to the very bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.. don't forget your copyright info also


Merge your layers like below(all the top layers from the frame all the way up)  Duplicate the  bkg layers that is under the frame, 2 times.. where you have 3 layers of them.. Then merge all the bottom layers together. See below


#10. Apply Xenofex 2/ constellation on  the first bkg layer then do that again.. hitting the random

 seed button this time.. on the 3rd layer down.. hit the random see button again.

When you show the top Bkg 1 layer.. and show the top merged layers and bottom merged layers..

Right click on top of your working image and do COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop up and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation

Back to PSP and hide that top bkg 1 layer and un hide the middle bkg 2 layer..

COPY MERGED  back to Animation shop and paste be hind current frame

(this is done the same way that humpteen of my other tutorials are done)

COPY MERGED And back to animation shop and right click and paste behind current frame...

you should have 3 frames to your new animation.. Check the animation to see if it looks right.

if all looks ok.. then Save as a GIF... You should be done~~

Toodles till next time.