the kit I used for this tutorial is a PTU kit from Dee's Sign Depot kit ' Sans Vous' (can't live without you )

the girl tube is a FTU artist on  Mahmood Al Khaja  I recolored her skirt and gloves for this tutorial

Included in the supplies zip is the text art and the tube (original & recolored , don't forget to give the artist his credit)


Mask used is Wee Scots Lass mask WSL_Mask364

Font used on the Text art is Chateau

I was going to make this tutorial with a FTU kit... and was looking through all my free kits I've gathered from all over the net..

and this scrap kit was mixed in with the free ones I forgot that I had bought it... sorry about that.. it is kit you have to pay for.

I did this tutorial using PSP X 7.. and am assuming :) that your not a beginner.. must have a working knowledge of PSP


1. First start off with opening Frame_7.png.  Shift+D to duplicate. Close the original

Go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900 . You can resize later...This is now your working image.

@. Open Paper_8.jpg Drag its layer over to your working image that has the frame... and apply the WSL_Mask364 to the paper.

Merge / Merge group (the 3 mask layers). Sharpen once. Open Element_79.png copy/ paste onto your working image. Make sure the element's layer is below the frame layer.


Position them as shown above.  Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame. Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pxs

Invert selection

Make sure you are on lattice layer and click delete on the keyboard (make sure your num lock is on or the delete wont work)


Below shows the lattice is gone within the frame window.

I have used alot of the elements in this tag... so start dragging/dropping them into your image.

first one is Element_90.png

Open the tube your going to use.. and copy/paste her to your working image window.

EVERY element will have this 3D drop shadow applied on it.


Element_87.png (duplicated resized smaller)

Element_80.png (duplicated mirrored and flipped) its layers are below the flowers


The element Spray_2.png (make sure its above the girl tube at the bottom of her legs)


Element_45.png  duplicated and put it on each right corner of the frame.

Element _38.png



Element_27.png  (below the mask layer)

Element_33.png (duplicated 2 times.. scatter around)

Element_52.png  (Bow is on top of most elements)

Element_25.png  (3D shadow had to be diff on this element  1/ 1/  70% blur 4

Element_4.png  (resize to a size you like... the bird is on top of other elements.)



Element _57.png









Below is after I added most of the elements on the working image.