Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Caritas Designz ' Cookies for Barbara' This scrapkit was sold on Barbara Jensen's

site but is no longer available for purchase I don't think. but you can write to Carita and ask if she has it still.....Carita Designz kits can be found HERE

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen also used

CDO-2339 my license # to use.

Supplies (2 animations and 2 masks ) put the masks in your mask folder



#1.  Open element 14.png  (gold round frame) Shift + D to duplicate the window.. Close the original the copy is now your working image.

 resize 90%  Colorize it using the settings below.

#2. Sharpen twice. go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900.

Open paper 3.jpg  C & P over to your working image to below the round frame.

Apply the mask DD _WinterMask_11 to paper 3.jpg. Merge/ merge group.

#3. Open paper 9.jpg C & P it over to your working image on top of the green paper.

Apply DD_WinterMask_2 to the red paper   Merge / Merge group

#4. Duplicate the red mask layer and move it to the left.

your image should look kind of like the one below.


#5.  Open paper 5.jpg  C  & P it over to your working image.. below the frame layer.

Use your magic wand tool to select the center of the frame... go to Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels

INVERT and cut or delete on the paper 5 layer.

#6. Open the tube you're going to use and resize it accordingly  I  didn't have to resize mine

Place the tube in the middle of the frame.. (Midway writing this tutorial I decided to change to the tube

to the one I ended up using... I didn't redo the captures again but it is done the exact same way, no matter what tube you use.)

 Duplicate and put one in exact position below the frame.

Erase the bottom of the top tube.. that's below the frame. Erase the bottom of the tube that's

below the frame that sticks out below the bottom of the frame.

#7. on the top copy of the tube apply a 3D drop shadow  V=0  H=5  70% opacity and 10 blur

check the shadow on a new layer box.. and erase part of the shadow that shows at the bottom of the tube.

Open element 6.png (green tree)  C & P it over to your working image.. apply the drop shadow on it, uncheck the shadow on another layer.

Move the tree to the left.

#8.Open element 3.png (stuffed bear) resize 60%   put the shadow on all the elements

Open element 24.png (gold star) resize 60%  C & P it to working image

Open element 17.png (berries cluster) resize 50%  duplicate and mirror the duplicated one.

Open element 32.png (green ribbon) resize 60% Sharpen twice

#9. Open element 15sh.png (2 birds) resize 87%

Open element 4sh.png (poinsettia) resize 60%  duplicate and resize duplicated one 80%

Open element 31.png (plaid bow) resize 60%  C & P over to working image duplicate the bow layer.

#10. Merge all the bottom layers together. It should look like this below.. Merge all the visible top layers together also...

 Resize all layers 88% on the merged top layers with the tube.. Sharpen once. Right click on top of image

#11.  choose COPY MERGE

Open your animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.

in PSP hide the bottom layers and un hide all the top layers ( you can merge visible if you want ) and Right click on the top of image

and COPY MERGE... OVER in animation shop right click on it's desk top and paste as a new animation.

Open the animations that was in your zip supplies folder and select all frame on both of them. They have 18 frames each so duplicate the bottom layers

animation till it has 18 frames also.

#12. Don't forget to put the tubes copyright info on it.. Have the top layers in PSP showing and right click and COPY MERGED

over in animation shop.. duplicate the one frame (top layers) till it has 18 frames...

On the bottom layers animation like above...Click and hold the mouse button down on the animated trees   on F: 1 one drag over to the bkg layers and position

in the middle near bottom of circle to F: 1 of the bottom background layers animation..  You might have to do this a few times to get it all correct.. I know I did :)

After you put the trees on the new working animation (above) Have all frames selected and click hold mouse button down and drag F: 1 of the Snow animation

over to F: 1 of the bottom layers animation on top of the trees.  The top layers with the tube on it... duplicate till it has 18 frames. Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers

over to F: 1 the working animation. This is done the same way as ALL MY ANIMATION  tutorials.. over and over.. you should have it down on how

and what to do!!!

Check your animation now.. if all looks right Save as a GIF.. if you can see the snow below the frame then you didn't do it correctly... UNDO and REDO

I had to do that once lol

If all looks well... you are done!!