Scrapkit used for this tutorial.. is by Amalie ' Rose Memories'

Artwork of ©TrinitaSupplies


May 7, 2016

using PSP X 6


#1. File/ New image  920 x 710.  Open paper 31.jpg

Colorize the paper using these settings below. Resize the paper 82%


#2. Copy and paste the paper 31.jpg over to your working image.

#3.  Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper using settings below

Merge/ merge group

#4. Duplicate the mask layer placement below. Be sure you don't place the masks too close to the sides ,top or bottom.. so it wont be cut off

 Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

on the right mask flip and mirror

#5. Open element 20.png (oval frame) resize it 80% Colorize it using the settings you used in step 1.

copy and paste it over to your working image. Apply a 3d drop shadow.. Using these settings

#6. Open paper 23.jpg  Colorize it (same settings, in fact if you need to re color any other elements use this color)

Resize the paper 80% copy and paste it to below the oval frame... Click on the oval frame layer on the palette...use your magic wand and

click inside of the frame selecting it. Go to selections/Modify/ expand/ 10 pixels  INVERT and Cut on the papers layer.

#7. Open element 4.png  (mauve rose)  resize 30%  duplicate and resize 60% on the duplicated one.

open element 32.png (rose)  resize 30%

open element 95.png resize 50%

Open element 53.png  go to Image/ rotate left.. copy and paste it below all the flowers you just added.

#8. Open element 5.png (pink bow) resize it 55% copy and paste it on

Open the tube your going to use.. if you use the same one as I did resize it 88%

I selected around the dove and pasted it to a new layer then deleted the dove you selected.. it wasn't in right spot.. with out doing this

Open the element 10.png (rocking horse.. resize 80%

duplicate the layer (you are still in the horse window..) On the top horse layer colorize it using same

settings in step 1.  set this layer's mode on Hue (L)

#9. Use your eraser tool set on  0 hardness and erase some of the top pink horse layer, so

that some of the wood color comes through. When done.. merge down on that top layer of the horse then copy and paste it

over to your working image.

#10.Open element 3.png resize 20% copy and paste it over to working image.

Open the text word art that was in the supplies zip I resized it 40%

ok arrange yours like you want..

I merged all visible layers.. sharpened once.. resized 88%

Don't forget your copyright info for the tube. This is what mine looks like now.

#11.Right click on top of image COPY  open your animation shop and right click on desktop and paste as a new animation

Open the animation mng file that was in your supplies zip. Notice it has 14 frames..

Duplicate your new animation till it has 14 frames also..

Ctrl + A to select all frames in each animation..

Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the sparkle animation over to F: 1 of your new animation.

Don't let go of mouse button till you get it placed on your new animation like you want..

Check your animation and make sure it looks ok and none of the sparkle animation goes off the edge or outta the frames..

UNDO if it does and do again.

When it look correct save as a GIF.

Your done!

Toodles till next time