The FTU scrapkit I used for this tutorial is A Space Between's 'Love Me Love You'

If you can't get it on her blog anymore (she is good at that.. having kits for free then selling them later..)

You can download it HERE


In the supplies zip is several word arts you might want to use..

Artwork of  ŠAlex Prihodko used and can be found HERE

Mask is WSL_Mask311  can be found HERE (put in your mask folder)

I did this tutorial in PSP X 7 but can use any versions..

Basically this is a beginner tutorial.. no plugins needed.


#1. Open Paper4.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate window.

 close the original ..right click on its  layer and promote to background layer.

#2. Image/ canvas size , 900 x 900  can crop and resize later. Center justify

#3. Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk. Find the mask on the drop down preview window.

#4. Apply the mask using these settings below...

#5.  then Merge/ Merge Group


#6.  Start opening the elements you want to use.

Element31.png   resize 40%  apply 3D drop shadow

Element9.png  Mirror  resize 25%  3D drop shadow

Element11.png  resize 25%  3D drop shadow

Element22.png  resize 25%  3D drop shadow

Element7.png  resize 20%  3D drop shadow

Element25.png resize 50% cut the ends off like below and duplicate, mirror the duplicate

Drag its layer below the flower layers.




#7.  Open Element2.png the feather.. resize 40%  Duplicate, mirror, and flip

Element38.png  resize 15%

#8. Now is the time to crop it.. merge all visible and resize 85% .. save as a PNG or put a white bkg on it and save as a JPG.


Which ever you like... TOODLES till next time!