font used in header '2 peas Talk Show'

This is a fairly short uses Eye Candy 5 Textures plugin.. can get it HERE

Here is the finished graphic below.. You can use a graphic or a tube of your choice...

I used the misted tube of the house and put a background behind it.. added a frame around it..

 to finish it off.. then you DUPLICATE that finished picture.. 2 times.. you end up with 3 layers on the layer palette.


I used my SELECTION tool on Point to Point *selection type* with the Smoothing set on 7.

Selected just the areas I wanted the rain to be.. I didn't want it all over the whole image..

With the TOP layer on the layer palette selected  I go to EFFECTS/PLUGINS and find my Alien Skin 5 Textures.. on the Settings

TAB choose the HARD RAIN setting.. on the BASIC tab use the settings as shown below..

To explain EC 5 textures on how the settings work. The setting Saturation Noise is

HOW thick or heavy the rain is...the Brightness Noise is how light the strokes are...

Opacity Noise is how heavy the stroke of the rain itself.. To rotate the Texture..

is the direction of the rain.. if falling straight down.. or like blowing rain.. from left or right.

 Texture feature Width is size of the slash of rain 'drops' the Texture Feature Height is

 how long the rain drops are.. once you get the settings how you like... you click ok..

THEN on EACH of the other two layers on the layer palette you go to your plugins..

and apply the EC 5 Textures again.. don't change any of your settings on the BASIC tab..

just click the RANDOM SEED ONCE.. then OK  Do this again on the last bottom layer...

going to EC 5 and clicking the Random Seed once.. then OK... you can UNSELECT .

Now is a good time to SAVE AS  Animation Shop (*.psp) type file and  open it in PSP's animation shop.. and SAVE AS . GIF

Below I show you before you save as... you can add text to it now. you ADD a layer..

on top of the 3 bkg layers.. with the rain... and type your text... add your effects to your

Text.. like inner bevel and/or 3D shadow... then duplicate that layer.. 2 times.. have same amount

of layers as the background layer.. then merge/merge down.. each text layer with a background layer.. as shown

Dragging each text layer on top of a Bkg layer.

If you don't want to add your text now.. then save as the animation shop (*.psp) type file..

then open in Animation shop and save as GIF.. then to add text you can do

it in animation shop OR export to PSP and add it then...both ways work.

Thats it.. toodles till next time..