Scrapkit used for this tutorial is by Pink Paradox Productions ' Beautiful Angel'

Artwork by ŠLysisange


This tutorial was written using PSP X 6.


#1. Open paper 27.jpg. Shift + D to duplicate the image. Close the original the copy is now your working image

resize 80% right click on the background layer and promote background layer.

Apply the mask WSL_Mask84 to your paper layer.

Merge/ merge group.. duplicate the mask layer and merge together.


#2. Go to Image/ canvas size  make your canvas 900 x 900 center justify.

Add a new layer to your image and move this layer to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

#3. Use your deformation tool to pull out the edges of the mask layer.

#4. Open element Frame 8 .png (frame)  resize 70%

Copy and paste it to your image.. place it just where you want it... Open the Tube your going to use.. copy and paste her over

to working image. Place her on top of the paper frame.  Duplicate the frame layer and being careful NOT to move the frame

on your image.. move the frame layer above the tube layer.

#5. Erase the top frame where the tube is under it.. where it looks like the tube is on top... then erase the bottom

part of the tube that sticks out below the frame.


#6.  Apply a 3D drop shadow on the angel tube  V &  H 2  opacity 25% 6 blur black

then another 3D shadow on the tube.. V 5  H 4   49% opacity   blur 14   #c02324

#7.  On the bottom full layer of the heart frame..(that hasn't been erased) Apply a 3D drop shadow.. V & H 2  25 % Opacity  Blur 5  Black

then another drop shadow with V 5  H 5  Opacity 47  Blur 14  #c02324

Your image should look like below.

#8. Open element  144.png resize 60%   Copy and paste it below the bottom heart frame layer.  Duplicate and mirror

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the flower layers  V & H 4  67% opacity  blur 14  #c02324

#9.  Open the text art.png that was in the supplies zip

Copy and paste to the top layer of your image. Your image should look like below

#10. Don't forget the copyright info for the tube.. if you put this on another layer you can bring the opacity down on that layer

so that it don't jump out at people when they look at your finished tag.

Open element 175 .png  resize 60% copy and paste in top of all layers.

Open element 27.png resize 70%  copy and paste on top.  I applied a 3D drop shadow on them using the color #c02324

#11.  Below is how my layer palette looks... I duplicate the heart frame two times.. so I would have 3 layers of it.

#12. Then apply Xenofex 2/ constellation on each of the 3 bottom frame layers using the settings below

Clicking the random seed button each time you take the heart frame to it.

take care NOT to move the layer accidentally it wont look right if you do.

You can resize your image if you like now.. I resized mine 88 % all layers.

#13. Open your animation shop now.  In PSP hide the 2 bottom frame layers just have the top one showing and all your other layers showing

Right click and COPY MERGE over in animation shop  right click on it's desk top and paste as a new animation.

Do this two more times with each of the heart frame layers showing. You will end up with a 3 framed animation in animation shop. Check to see if it looks ok

if it don't jump etc... Mine jumped and i had to Undo a few times myself.. and fix it.. Once you get your new working animation there.. Select all frames

Open the pinkflytwirl.mng file that was in your supplies zip.. Notice it has 21 frames. Select all the frames..

on your new working animation with 3 frames.. duplicate the frames till you have 21 frames also. Clicking the duplicate frame

button 3 times.. that should get you the 21 frames too.

Drag F: 1 of the pinkflytwirl animation over to F: 1 of your new working animation.. Click , hold and drag don't let go of mouse till you have it placed

where you want it.  Check your animation.. if all is well.. save as a GIF..

You should be done.. if you have probs just remember the UNDO button.. its your best friend :)

Toodles till next tut.