Scrapkit used for this tutorial is by Crazy Carita's Designs 'Delicate Mauve'

(note: Crazy Carita does not sell her kits at Barbara Jensens store..I am waiting to hear back from CC where she will be selling)

artwork by ęBarbara Jensen   license # BJ-3511

this is a bonus tube that I got when I bought her $10 of  of her tubes. So you can't buy this particular tube

but you can use one of the oodles of tubes sold at Barbara's store.

Supplies (Mask, Text art, and heart animation) plugin is used in this tutorial


#1. Open pp3.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image.. Close the original , the duplicated one is now your working image.

#2. Right click on the paper layer and promote to background layer..

Go to layers/ load/ save mask/ Load mask from disk , use the settings below.. find the mask that

was in the supplies zip DD_Assorted_Mask_3.jpg, Merge/ merge groups.

duplicate the mask layer.

#3. Merge the two mask layers.. duplicate again.. place like below.

 Go to Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify.

Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

#4. Open el15.png resize 80%  copy and paste it to your working image

Open pp7.jpg copy and paste its layer over to your working image.

Use your selection tool in an ellipse shape and draw out an oval INVERT and cut on the paper 7 layer.

#5. Open up the tube your going to use...copy and paste  it under the frame layer, Mirror it also.... erase all the extra lap over of the tube layer around the oval frame..

Set the blend mode of the tube to Luminance L then apply the plugin VTR2

#6. Copy and paste el3.png frame over to your working image. Use the deformation tool to turn it to the left some. Sharpen once

#7. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the double frames.. selecting them..

Copy and paste pp2.jpg paper to below the frame layer.. INVERT and CUT

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frames.

#8.  Copy and paste the tube back to the image.. have her on the top layer.. as shown below

apply a 3D drop shadow to her also.

#9. Time to start adding the elements to your image.

element 22.png  copy and paste the rose to your working image.. duplicate it.. resize the duplicated one

Open el21.png resize 70%

Open el27.png  duplicate and mirror

Open el17.png  duplicate mirror and flip

Open element 9.png resize 70% duplicate

Open element 12.png resize 65%

Open leaf png  duplicate.. have this layer below the rose layers

Open the pretty in Mauve text words.. resize 23% add it to your working image..

placement of all the elements below

I ended up duplicating the mask layer a 3rd time.. so it would show at the bottom left too..

Now you can resize your image  I resized mine 87%

Merge all layers and COPY then open your animation shop.

don't forget your copyright info

#10. In animation shop.. I right clicked on the desk top and paste as a new animation

Now open the purpleheartani.mng that was in your supplies zip... notice it has 32 frames.. Ctrl + A to select all frames..

on the new animation you pasted from PSP  duplicate the frame till you have 32 frames also.. Clicking the duplicate button 6 times gets you

33 frames then you just delete one.. so you will have the 32 frames that you need.

Drag F: 1 of the purple heart ani over to F: 1 of your working the  hearts at the bottom left of the animation..

let go of the mouse button when you position them where you want them...

it works out if you place them on the 2nd t on the word art that the position is about right.. kind of experiment with the placement.

Check your animation now.. if all looks good then your golden... save as a GIF

tada.. you 're done!!

Toodles till next time girls