Here are some preset shapes I made with font dings.. put these 2 files in your preset shape folder. Download Here

I'd like to show you a cute way to make Cutouts with your preset shape tool.

   #1. Open a new image 350 x 350..transparent checked.... Flood fill the raster 1 layer with a color.. you're wanting to use.. I used turquoise on mine.

Below you will see to click on the preset shape tool.. it drops down and has several options on which Preset shape tools to choose...the arrow on the left side of this sample below... is the preset shapes preview box. It will drop down when you click on the lil arrow to the side of it...choose which shape you want.. Create your shape as a vector.. as shown.

 #2. It doesn't matter what colors you use.. cause you will delete this layer anyway later. Lets just use black on the foreground color and the background color too... if you will notice when working with preset shapes.. if you just use the foreground color only and background on transparent.. the shape will look different.. it will not be filled in.. most times you will want both foreground and background on.. Click and drag out your shape... if you will notice it has the nodes on the corners and in the middle of the lines... you can drag these nodes if you want to resize the shape.. or make it smaller.. etc... that's the good thing about working with vectors... they are easily adjusted..

 #3. When you get the shape the size you want... then right on its Vector 1 layer on the layer palette and Convert to raster layer.

#4.  Select the preset shape layer on the layer palette and go to Selections/select all/  Selections/float  Your shape should have the marching ants around it *selection* like it shows below.

#5.  While the shape is selected.. click on the BOTTOM layer on the layer palette that's the layer you filled with a color first thing. Now looking at your canvas.. you wont SEE that its selected but it really IS... its cause you clicked off of the selected layer and on to the bottom on... ok click your CUT... or the scissors OR the delete on the keyboard now...

#6.  Selections/Unselect.. and on the layer palette.. there should be two layers there the bottom layer you filled you just CUT out.. and the shape layer.. right click on the preset shape layer and DELETE it... you should just have ONE layer now on the layer palette....  I added a 3D drop shadow.. on the cutout layer.. TWICE... I wanted it to really stand out... and look dimensional.

#7. ADD a new layer...Click and drag the Raster 1 below the Background layer..

***Remember.. to always RENAME your layers.. it will help you not get so mixed up... you do this by right clicking on a layer on the layer palette and RENAME

#8. Now I show how you can do all kinds of thing on this layer under the cutout... below I used the airbrush tool and applied different colors here and there... if your on the CORRECT layer on the layer palette you can just Paint right over the top layer and it not be painted.. changed... if you on wrong layer.. then you will paint wrong area.. so always look to make sure you on the right layer your wanting to affect.

#9. After I airbrushed some colors on the bottom layer... I went to Adjust/Blur/ Gaussian blur and used these settings below

#10. What ever look your going for here is what you can do.. I used, Effects/Distortion/ Curlicues with below settings.

#11. Then I applied Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic-antique with these can get all kinds of different looks depending on your settings. When you find one you relaly like.. click the on the effect window and name your new preset. That way you can use another time.. EVER plugin that comes with PSP has that save option.. and most other external plugins do too...

Below I filled the bottom layer under the cutout with a seamless tile.. and make the frame to match..

Below is another preset shape I used.. using the same method above.. so I wont go through the steps. Its done same way.

Finished tag..

I hope you learned something with this tutorial...

and it inspired you to create till the   come home.

Toodles till next time..