The Preset shape tool tutorial is part ONE on this subject, this tutorial here kind of continues where that one leaves off.

As you see below when you click on the preset shape tool it drops down and has 4 choices.. the rectangle/square... the Ellipse/circle... Symmetric Shape and Preset shapes...


One thing about the Preset Shape tool... they don't have the option for editing Nodes only in resizing and skewering... like sample below.... they are the set shape of whatever the shape is...

This is the Preset Shapes drop down preview box... When you have the Preset Shape selected  you can go over to your preset shapes preview window, drop down box and pick the shapes you want... I have made 100s of preset shapes from the Font Dings.  Always keep the Anti-alias checked and create as a vector checked.. that way you can adjust the size of them.    If you will notice the box that says RETAIN STYLE... if you have that clicked then it will make them in same color as they were made, most are black with black outlines.. but if you want to make them the colors you want.. the have that UNCHECKED the Retain style.


This is the TOOL OPTIONS BAR for the Shapes Tool.  Below I have the Ellipse tool chose so its options bar *above the tool bar* looks like this. Notice on the top left the MODE:  there is an arrow and the oval and circle.  When you have the Rectangle chosen then there is a rectangle and a square over in the MODE area.



Lets see if we can make a heart. Pick you a foreground/stroke color and a contrasting background/fill color.. I've used white and red as you can see... Choose the Ellipse tool. Draw you out an oval like below. Right click on the outline line and choose the Convert to Path.

On the oval there are four NODES.. one on top... on each side and bottom.. *Node is the lil square blocks, These are what you click hold and drag to move the node out.*

On the tool options bar, choose the Arrow under the MODE.

Make sure you click arrow or this wont work!!

We want to ADD two more nodes... on each side of the center top node. Put your cursor up where you want the node.. like mine below press the Ctrl Button and the add word appears. CLICK, a new node pops up. Do this on the other side about same distance from the center node.

Now grab one of the new nodes and pull up... do that on both sides like below. Notice Nodes have a line through them like an arrow... if you pull one side it will affect the shape of the oval one way.. if you pull the other end of the arrow it will affect a diff  way... and if you pull the arrow out long....OR push in short.. it all affects it differently...You will have to experiment to get this...system.

Here I pulled the arrow lines on each end OUT long ways.. to make the top start to balloon out.. We're making a heart remember  :) Do that on each side.

Adjust the center node now and make the arrow line go up straight.. that will bring the middle to a narrow point...Hands on is best way to learn this..

Here I just adjusted the side nodes... the bottom center node I pulled straight up.

I have drawn many animals... using this method.. making the body, head, legs etc on separate layers, then putting all together...this is only limited as far as your imagination will take you..

Have fun with creating with Vectors!!!