There is a lot to the preset shape tool, it has many options and modes to it.. I will try to cover most in this tutorial. As you see below when you click on the arrow next to the preset shape tool button it drops down and has 4 choices of tools. The #1. is Rectangle or Square, #2. is Ellipse or Circle, #3. has Symmetric shapes, which are polygons or stars of which you can choose how many sides you want to make them.


Below I drew out a rectangle for the sample below, I had the show nodes checked also and create on Vector. Vector shape is something that you can edit the shape of. you can't do that on Raster layer. Below you see the outline on the rectangle and the nodes on each corner. if you put your cursor on a line you will see the lil wavy line that means you can move the object. if you RIGHT click on the line and you get the pop up box, the sample below. Edit Mode, Draw Mode, Convert to path, and Apply... you need to click the Convert to path.. that way you can move the nodes around and change the shape of the object.. before you start moving nodes though. make sure the edit mode button is clicked


Below, this was a rectangle with the nodes on each corner I ADDED a new node.. to the top. How you do that is put your cursor where you want to add a node, hold the Ctrl button down till you see ADD... and click.. make sure you have the EDIT arrow clicked on the tool option bar. Then a node appears, where you were pointing.

This below was an oval that I added nodes to and made a heart. You will see that a node has a straight lined arrow through it... you can pull out each end of this line and it will affect the shape of the object a certain way.. you will have to do HANDS on to see what I mean. You can move it by moving the main node or each end of the line.

Working with Vectors, most people cringe.. but that's how you can create your own original designs. and art work. Its fun once you get into it..

Here are some samples of some of my vector shapes..


The boots and cowboy hat were from a tutorial I did lots of years ago.. I worked 18 hrs on the boots lol and 10 on the hat.. ok ok I was dense then haha....


#1. Presets: You can save your own settings on making a shape .

#2. Apply: when you get the nodes moved where you want.. and it looks like you want.. you hit apply.. and all the nodes disappear and its set.

#3.Mode: the EDIT arrow,

#4.  Two options for Rectangle shapes,  , Ellipse shapes  and Symmetric shapes

#5. Check the Show NODES or Create on Vector.. You have to create on vector if you want to be able to edit the shape.

#6. Horizontal Radius and Vertical Radius.. *This is to do with rectangles and squares* is what size your shape is... you can fine tune the shape exactly.

#7. Radius X and Y and Center X and Y  *has to do with ellipse and circles* this is placement on the canvas window..

# 6, 7, and 8 depends on if you have rectangle, ellipse,  symmetric or preset shapes selected


#10. Width.. this is width of the outline around the shape.. you can have it turned off if you want.

#11. Keep Anti alias checked all the time it makes the edge of the shapes smooth.

#12 Join.. don't affect the shapes, same with Miter limit.

I hope you venture into doing some vectors.. its REALLY FUN.. trust me lol till the next tutorials