Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a FTU kit by Melissaz Creationz 'Pink Christmas'

Direct Download HERE

Artwork by ŠPinup Toons.. must purchase and have license to use.. CDO-2339

Plugins used: Alienskin Xenofex 2/Constellation Plugin .....Xero/ Fritillary  HERE

WSL_Mask235.jpg HERE (put in your mask folder)


#1. Open the frame that was in the supplies zip. Shift + D to duplicate , close the original and now the copy

is your working image window.  Go to Image/canvas size  900 x 900  center justify.

#2. After you've downloaded the kit from Melissaz Creationz  , open either the psd or pspimage files . She did her kit a lil diff than most by putting

all the papers in one image and all the elements in another window.  Above you pick the paper you want to use and click, hold and drag

it over to your working image window. I used the raster 3 layer paper.

#3. Use your deformation tool (set on scale) to pull in the edges some on the paper, so that it don't go off the edges.


#4. Layers/Load/Save Mask / Load mask from disk.  Find the mask you want to use in the drop down preview window there

on top left. Use the settings below.


#5. Merge/Merge group on your layer palette.. (the 3 mask layers) NOT the frame layer.

#6. Highlight the frame layer. Use your selection tool/ Circle and draw a circle in the center of the frame.. larger than the center is though

#7. Pick another paper and drag it over to your working image.. below the frame.

Inverse the selection, making sure your on the new paper layer   Cut/Delete

#8. Now its just a matter of putting elements on your working image.

You can do your own thing :) or follow my lead below.

#9. After you put all your elements on the working image.. you can merge all the layers from the frame UP..Above

then merge all the layers from the below the frame down.. as below.

#10. One of the elements is the pink dangles.. as seen below.. you put them in between the top merged layer and the bottom merged layer.

#11.  Erase the out side edges of the dangles (area that goes outside of the frame)

#12. Duplicate the Dangles layer 2 times.. so that you have 3 layers of the Dangles. Layer palette looks like below.

#13.Click on the top layer of the dangles and apply this plugin to it

by going to Effects/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Textured Noise . On the Settings tab click the BLEACH setting.

If you click on the Basic tab.. the settings will be as below.

#14. Apply the same plugin to the other two dangle layers but each time you go to the

Textured noise plugin window click the RANDOM SEED button ONCE

Once you've applied the plugin on all 3 Dangle layers... apply a 3D drop shadow on each of them... using

the settings below. White as the color


#15.  Next duplicate the Top merged layer 2 times.. where you have 3 layers of it..

Your layer palette should look like this below.

#16. Apply Alien Skin Xenofex 2/ Constellation plugin on the top copy of the top layers... as seen above. (it's highlighted)

Use the settings below.. Apply the same to the middle copy of top layers and the 3rd top layers. but this time click

RANDOM SEED button each time..

#17. Now duplicate the bottom Mask layer 2 times where you have 3 layers of it...

Your layer palette should look like below.

#18. Highlight the Top Copy of the Mask layer... as shown above

I've got all the other layers hid.. by clicking the eye

Using your selection tool/ Circle  draw out a circle to cover area shown below.

#19. We are going to apply a plugin to each of the 3 Mask layers.

Effects/Xero/Fritillary using the settings below

When you apply this to the next two Mask layers (middle and bottom ) all settings will be the same EXCEPT the Variation number

 it will be 6 on the next one... and 8 on the bottom Mask layer.

#20 Now for the animation..

Below shows which layers are showing and which should be hid..

#21. RIGHT click on the top of your working image...COPY MERGED..

Open your animation shop now and right click on it's desktop and Paste as a new Animation.

#22. Back to PSP and hide all the layers that are showing and UN hide the middle layers of each set..

shown below.  Right click on the top of the working image window and COPY MERGED AGAIN..

#23. Back to Animation shop and right click on your new animation and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP.. Hide showing layers and UN hiding ones below

Right click on window and COPY MERGED

#24. Back to Animation shop.. right click on new animation and paste after current frame..

You should have 3 frames there to your animation.. Check your animation.. to see if it looks right

If it don't.. you've done one of the steps wrong :(... will have to go back and see where you went wrong.. UGH.. lol

You can resize your animation in Animation shop if you go to Animation/Resize Animation

Hoping everything was ok... so you save as.. GIF and DONE!

if you have any probs , contact me and ASK..

Toodles till next time!