FTU kit, Pink rose kit HERE

artwork of ŠJulia_Fox  PDF_Swt60  License # to use

Animation HERE

MASK (WSL_Mask402.jpg)

Plugin: Mura Mister's / Copies


This tutorial is written in PSP X 6.. other versions can be used.


#1. Open PRP1.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image.. the copy is now your working image.

Right click on the paper layer on the palette and promote background layer.

Apply the WSL_Mask402.jpg to the paper.

#2. Merge/ merge group.

Go to image/ canvas size 850 x 850 center justify,

 Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white

#4. Open element PR dots.png  C & P it over to your working image.. place it at 2 o'clock.. duplicate and place the duplicate at

7 o'clock.  Merge the two dot layers together.

#5.  You can see the dots through the mask... we want to erase them... set your brush tool

on 600 size center over image  (be on dots layer.)  and erase one time.

#6. Open up the elements small rose. png.  Go to canvas size  850 x 850. center justify

Use Mura Mister's Copies using these settings below.

Your rose should look like this below.  resize it 85%  C & P it over to your working image on top of layer palette.

#7.  Place your tube on the top of layer palette... I erased one rose that was showing behind her where her legs were

Open element PR-pink hearts.png  place top right.

#8. Open element bow.png  C & P it over to working image.. Drop shadow V =0 H=5 opacity 60 blur 10  black color. Use

this shadow setting on all elements.

Open PR-flower.png next resize 60%

Your image should look like the one below.

Time to put the copyright info on the tag now.

#9. Open element PR-candle  resize 50%

Open up element Letter.png resize 70%  put what text you want on the letter.

last thing open the PinkRose-Courage.png  Copy and paste it to your working image.

Move things up if you need to, to make room for the courage word.

when you get every thing placed like you like...Right click on the top of the image and

COPY MERGED.. Open your animation shop. and right click on it's desk top and paste as a new animation.

Open the what ever animation you're going to use... count how many frames it has..

then duplicate the one frame from PSP till you have the same amount of frames too.

Click, hold mouse button down and drag F: 1 of the animation over to Frame: 1 of the new animation

don't let go of mouse button till you have placed the animation where you want it to be.

Check your animation to see if it looks ok.. if so save as a GIF.


Toodles till next one.