Crazy Carita's scrapkit 'Pink Kisses' was used for this tag/tutorial

Also ęBarbara Jensen artwork was used in the tag, (Tube Layered 55-2.)

 You must purchase and have a license # to use her tubes

My License is CDO-2339 OR  BJ3511

I used PSP X 5 for all the tutorial, except for the text art ' Pink Kisses'

I used Photoshop CS3 Extended. I will show you how to do the text too in

the tutorial.

Plugin used Eye Candy5 Textures/Texture Noise

 DBV Mask 156 found HERE


Font used: A&S Popcorn

In the supplies folder is the round pink fan, sparkles, jewels & Pink Kisses word art.


Let's get started..

#1. Open a new image 900 x 900  I always start big.

Plenty of room to move things around just like you like then resize later.

#2. I Opened all the elements out of the scrap kit, Pink Kisses.. that I planned on using.

 Barbara Jensen's tube on the pink layers.. weren't the

 same color pink as the elements of the kit.. so I used the recolor tool so that all matched.

#3. You can use any scrap kit really...using the same techniques but different elements and tube.

#4. Open a frame ( ele9.png) Copy and paste it into your new image 900 x 900. You don't have

to resize it.

#5. Copy & paste a bkg paper out of the kit.. I used

 pp5.jpg to your new working image. Drag its layer below

the frame layer...Good habit to get into is name your layers.. less confusing if you do.

#6. Highlight the paper layer on the layer palette. Go to

 Layers/Load /Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk. Find your mask on the drop down list

 you saved on computer. After you apply the mask if you will look on the layer palette, the mask

has 3 layers... highlight the top on.. right click Merge/Merge group.

Use these settings below.

#7. Open another bkg paper out of the kit you're using and copy and paste it to the working image.

Make sure its layer is under the frame layer but above the mask layer.

#8. Select your magic wand tool  set on 20 tolerance.  Have the frame layer

selected on the layer palette , click the inside of the frame. The inside of frame should be selected now ,

Go to Selections/Modify/ Expand by 15 pixels or so.

Selections/Invert and making sure you are on the new bkg paper layer you just pasted there.. CUT or Delete.

Your image should look like mine below. Select None

#9. Copy and paste the tube you're using on top of the frame layer.

#10. Place all the elements you're using on to your working image. You don't have to

have your elements exactly like mine.. Artistic license here :)

This is how I did mine.

#11. The fan circle element I resized 83% and copied & pasted it to my working image

dragged its layer to right above the mask layer, under the bkg behind the frame layer. (2nd from the bottom)

Apply a 3D shadow , Duplicate the fan layer and position it right across on the other side.

#12.  I decided I wanted to animate my tag. So I added a layer and dragged it

to the bottom of the layer palette.. filled with white..

This is what I have so far.

#13.  Animating the tag. I duplicated the layer bkg under the frame. 2 times..

 so you end up with 3 layers of that bkg. Hide two of the layers...Highlight the un hid layer on the

layer palette. Go to Effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Textures/Texture Noise

Use the settings below

#14.  On each of the other 2 identical layers go to the Eye Candy 5 but just click the

Random Seed Button.. no need to change any of the settings..

#15. I have supplied the word art for those of you that

 don't have Photoshop CS 3 or any version for that matter.

But thought I would show you how I did it in Photoshop...

Text is one of the ways that Photoshop outshines PSP and I love my PSP

Take whatever bkg paper your going to use to make your text fill and

open it in Photoshop CS-3.  Click F11 or go to Edit/Define Pattern. click OK on the

next lil window. Close the paper out.

#16. File / New  Make sure its on pixels and not inches.. I think by default its set on inches..

800 x 400 should work

#17. Click the T tool for text and type the Pink Kisses or whatever you want.. choose your font.. etc

have it in black.. where you can see it better. About like this

#18.  Down on the bottom right.. of your layer palette in PS 3 Click the FX button.

it don't matter what you click on.. it will bring up the layer style box.

#19.  When your layer style box comes up.. click on pattern overlay on the left

in the middle click on the drop down menu... to pick the pattern you want to use as your fill.

you can see that I have the pattern at 70%. If you see a part of the pattern you don't like

or a seam.. while the layer style box is open and you're on pattern overlay you can click and drag the

pattern on the image and move it.. to where you want to line it up better.

#20.  keeping your Layer style box open you notice

you can do the bevel, 3d drop shadow.. and alot more

Cool thing about Photoshop you can work on all your layers adding more and more.. and if you

change your mind about a 3d shadow.. or anything else.. you don't have to undo all of it.. just

get on that layer.. open the layer style box again

 and change things.. In PSP you have to UNDO a million times

#21. Ok this is what I ended up with.. I didn't use a pattern fill.. There is alot of settings to this.. but the

results is worth it.


I always make my word art BIG in Photoshop shop the results are much better..

 save it as a PNG then open in PSP and resize it.

Here are the settings to achieve this word art.

#22.  After you finish your word art.. Back in PSP copy and paste it onto your working tag

To animate.. all you have to do... is hide 2 of those layer bkgs you used the Eye Candy 4 Textures on..

Right click on top of working image window and do Copy Merged.. Open your

Animation shop and right click on the AS desk top.. Paste as a new animation.  Back in PSP

hide that textures bkg layer and unhide the next one...right click on top, Copy Merge. Back to AS

and right click on the new animation... paste after current frame, Back to PSP. Hide that layer of

the textured noise and unhide the last one (there are only 3) Right click on top Copy Merged

Back to AS and right click and paste after current frame again..

 You should have 3 frames to your animation.. SAVE AS a GIF

You're done!!

Toodles till next time