FTU Scrapkit used from Delicious Scraps 'PinkAlicious'

Be sure you download part 2 of the kit..

Artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott is also used.. Her tubes can not be bought anymore.. hopefully

you have some that you bought... must use your license #  Mine is # SW881

I used mask WSL_Mask130 you can find HERE

I made a dot frame, Glitter patch & flower center,  you can download HERE

I used Paint Shop Pro X 6 . You can use any version..

No plugins needed

#1. First I opened the DotFrame.png that's in the supplies zip. Shift +D to duplicate, close original.

This will now be your working image.

#2. Open the DS_PinkAlicious_Kit_Paper2.jpg. Resize it to 22%.

#3. Copy and paste it to your working image window. Making sure the paper is on the bottom

layer of the layer palette. Apply the WSL_Mask130 to the paper. Merge group layers..

#4. Effects/Edges/Enhance.

#5. Open element  DS_PinkAlicious_Kit_SilverWire.png . Resize, 25% apply a 3D drop shadow on it.

#6. Open element DS_PinkAlicious_Kit_FrameSilver-2.png. Resize, 50%

#7. I copied and pasted the tube that I used, making sure it was under the frame layer. Applied the 3d drop shadow to it.

#8. Behind the frame & tube I used the paper DS_PinkAlicious_Pt2_Paper2.jpg. Resized 22%

Copied and pasted it over to my working image... make sure its under the frame layer. Hightlight the frame layer.


#9. Use your magic wand tool and click in the center of the frame layer.

It should be selected... go to Selections/modify/expand 10 pixels

INVERT/  Highlight the Paper layer that's under the frame layer.. and Delete/Cut

The extra paper that's hanging past the edges of the frame should be gone now.

#10. Go ahead and merge the lil frame, tube and bkg paper. Don't forget to put a 3D drop shadow on the frame.

This is the list of the elements I used and how much I resized them...

I put them on my working image in this order too.

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Ribbon3.png     25%

Glitter.png (out of my supplies zip) put it below the dot frame layer, on top of the mask layer.

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Bow.png     30%

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Bow-2.png     30%

Notice where the placement is in the captures.


DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Pt2_Heart.png     20%

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Pt2_String.png (duplicated and one flipped and mirror)

#12. Apply 3D drop shadows on ALL elements!!!

this is the settings I used on all..

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Pt2_Flowers.png     32%




#13. Use the FlowerCenter.png that's in my supplies zip. Duplicate it 2 times and put one in center of each flower.

  Your image should look kind of like the one above..

#14. Continue putting the elements plus the 3D drop shadows.

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Hearts.png     10%

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Staple.png     20%

DS_PinkALicious_Kit_Pt2_Flower6.png     9%

Your image should look like the finished image up at the top of this page.

Don't forget to put your copyright info on your image!!!


Below is an animated version.. if you would like to go further with your project.

The lil bear I'm using is a ęSuzanne Woolcott tube. 

There are three of the bear tubes in different positions so I thought I'd try to animate them

#15. I resized the finished image 80% and flattened the layer... so that it would have a white bkg.. This is your first image you worked on..

with all the elements... duplicate this layer 2 times so that you end up with 3 layers. Save it as a PSP Animation Shop (.psp)

#16. I took the 3 images of the bears and tried to line them up on top of each other as best I could... applied a 3D drop shadow on each of them.. and

had it checked so that the drop shadow would be on its own layer. Erased the bottom of the shadow layer where the bear is feathered. That looks bad on white.

#17. Did this on all 3 layers of the bears... merged a bear and its shadow...did that to all 3 bears... you end up with

3 bear layers.

#18. I saved the bear layers as a PSP animation shop (.psp) file type

It has to be an ANIMATION type of file.

#19. Open your animation shop and then open the bear animation.. you saved in PSP. AND the main image animation..

Each of them have 3 frames.. yes???

#20. Select ALL on EACH of the animations.

#21. Click, hold and drag.. with your mouse on F:1 of the bear animation.. straight up to your main animation window F:1

Don't let up on your mouse still you have the lil bear EXACTLY where you want it... then let go of mouse.


#22. As you see up above the bear animation is not empty.. the lil bear is on all three frames of the main image animation.

Default speed for an animation is 10... that was too fast for me...

just right click any where on your main animation. Frame Properties and set it to 30.

You can click the animation preview button to check to see if everything looks ok... if it is... Save your new animation as a GIF.

I added a lil something extra to mine..

I exported the frames back to PSP and used my magic wand and selected some of the flowers and added noise to them...

so that it would have a glittery effect.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial... Toodles till next time!