This is a Photoshop CS 3 tutorial. You can also get almost the same results in PSP if you use the watermelon

texture I made as your materials fill within the text then do the steps in my Jelly Belly Text tutorial

Its a lot easier in Photoshop CS 3 though.

I made the watermelon texture from one of the papers

 in the PTU scrapkit ' Watermelon Wishes' from

Jumpstart Designs  You could make your own watermelon

 texture with a texture brush/or air brush tool. 

In Red or Pink

with a tear drop shape as the black seeds.



1. Open the Watermelon  texture that was in the supplies zip..

 While in Photoshop CS 3  go to Edit/define pattern/ then name it.  You can close out the texture now.

2. File/New opening a new image in the size below 1000 x 450   300 resolution

3. Pick your Horizontal Text tool

4. Use a fat font and type your word.. don't matter in what color.

I used KBStick to the Plan font in size 42 but this just depends on the font you use.

5. Click on the FX button that's at the bottom of the layers palette


7. Your Layer Palette box opens

On the left , check the Pattern Overlay (its highlighted) In the drop down window

choose the watermelon texture. Put the scale of the pattern around 50%.

 ONLY while the Layer Style box is open and the Pattern Overlay is highlighted

can you move the pattern within the text.. just drag the material down until you don't see the line with

the pink showing.... It tiles the pattern.. and this pattern

is not seamless.

8. Below is how it should look when you've drug the pattern down and into the correct placement.

9. While the Layer Style box is open check the Bevel and Emboss box

use the settings as below

10. Now click on the Drop Shadow on the left and use my settings below.

11. Save as a .PNG


Toodles til next time