I thought I would write a tutorial on how to set up Photoshop CS 3's preferences.

I'm sure its pretty much the same what ever version of Photoshop you're using.

Just follow the steps below in the captures.


#1. Check the ones shown below


#2. Same here

#3. And here :)

#4.  This is your preference color here for transparency.. I just like the blue color..

#5. If you use PSP 9 then browse to your docs/mypspfiles/plugins folder..

this below shows if you use PSP X 5 like I use.

#6. I'm old and can't see good :) sooooo I set my font preview to HUGE

Also you need to set your keyboard shortcuts. In photoshop you use alot

more keyboard shortcuts commands than you do in PSP...much more convenient !

Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts.

#1. Under the File...have the Save AS.. set to the F12 button

#2.  Below, On the Edit/Define Brush Preset on F10

Edit/ Define Pattern on F11

Edit/Define Custom Shape on F9

Just over ride the original settings and click OK on each one.


#3.  The left capture below is Photoshop's default desktop

I took out certain palettes.. Mine is on the right

Here is my saved workspace & shortcuts  DOWNLOAD

Put it in User/whatever your name is /AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe photoshop CS3/Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings/Workspaces

Then it will be an option when you're in Photoshop and load from workspace up at the top middle.

You have to have your folders set up to see hidden files.. that would be in folder options.

  while your in a windows folder go to Tools/Folder Options. This is a MUST setting for working in graphics anyway.