Using work paths in Photoshop.. is very can make frames, stitching around frames,

 frame borders, borders around anything etc.

You can use any shape for the selection... any shaped brush

For this first exercise I will be using just a plain round brush and a rectangle selection

I am using Photoshop CS 3 Extended.

#1. File/New  settings are below.


#2. Pick your rectangular Marquee Tool (selection tool)


#3. First draw out your rectangle shape.. it will just be the selection of a shape. We have to

first adjust your brush so that it will be stroked right on the selection.

#4. Click your Brush tool on the left tool bar.. then on the right.. click the brush Icon, it looks like a container with brushes in it.

The brush options box comes up. Highlight the Brush Tip Shape,(its in blue there) on the bottom right of that box is the

Spacing adjustment. slide it till you like the spacing of the brush. For a 125 pixel brush... I set my spacing to 90%.

No need to change any of the other settings.


#5. Go to your working image with the rectangle selection on it.. On the palettes on the right.. click the Paths tab.

On the above image first click the 3rd button from the right.. when you hover your mouse on it.. it says

Make work path from selection... Next click on the layers tab and make a new layer.. that way the stroke will be on its own layer.

Click back on the Paths tab

 then click the 2nd button I show.. 2nd button from the left.. hover mouse pointer on it and

it says, Stroke path with brush.

Your image should look like mine does on the one below. This is how you use the selection method..


You can do this around anything.. as you know anything can be selected. In the below sample... I did the round dots

around a heart.. then I used a stitch brush and did a work path around the inner part of the heart (I just selected the heart

and contracted the selection like 15 pixels added a new layer and went through the steps to do the work a dark blue)

Then I did the stitching around the dots selecting the previously made dots that I did in the above steps.. (I contracted the selection

4 pixels then did the work path with a stitch brush... same I used for on the heart except I made the stitches smaller.)

There is no limit to how you can do things.. I realize that Photoshop seems to be harder to work with than PSP.. but its

very doable, I learned and If I can do it.. ANY one can lol..SO worth learning to work in Photoshop.

 Really in all honesty Photoshop is WAY better in most things than PSP..

 BUT I still love my PSP and wont stop working in it too.  Most Photoshop tutorials are very technical , intimidating.. and not at all

like PSP tutorials... I am trying to write a few Photoshop tutorials that are like my PSP tutorials.

There is a good reason why professionals use Photoshop... the difference in an $80 program (PSP) and a $700+ program..

Hope you liked the tutorial... (please feel free to contact me.. if you have any questions concerning this

tutorial... or I made a total mess of it and you don't understand..)

Toodles till next time!!!