The kit I used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot ' Peppermint Pleasures'

Artwork of ©VeryMany is also used 

Must have license # to use her artwork  Mine is # VMT_Artsyatheart

Two Masks are used for this tag..

DBV Mask 06, DBV Mask 08

Supplies (Snow animation, both Masks)


#1. Open frame 7d.png  Shift + D to duplicate  close the original.  The copy is now your working image.

#2. Go to Image/ rotate right, Resize 85%  go to Image/ Canvas size  850 x 850 center justify

#3. Open frame 7c.png  Image/ rotate right,  resize75%  Copy and paste it to your working image.. on top of pink frame.

#4. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the white frame V & H 1  opacity 65  black blur 5

then apply the shadow again but do V -1  h-1 other settings same

#5. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the pink frame with the settings above.. color for shadow #a1536

#6. Copy and past Paper_9 over to your working image and apply DBV mask 06 to it

Merge/ Merge group... Duplicate the mask layer and merge the two mask layers together.

#7. AGAIN  copy and paste the same paper _9.jpg to your working image...apply the DBV Mask 08 to the paper

Merge/ Merge group.. duplicate this mask layer and merge the two mask layers.

#8. Add a new layer to your layer palette and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white..

Your image should look like the one below.

#9. Use your selection tool and pull out an elipse  within the center of the frames...making it bigger than the center space.

#10. Open paper_6.jpg. Resize 50%... copy and paste the paper to your working image

 Position it below the two frame layers... move it till the Christmas tree is in the middle of the frame window.

The image should still have the oval selection going... so INVERT and  hit the delete key on the paper_6 layer.

Select none.

#11.  Lets go ahead and resize all layers 88%  then go to image/ canvas size still 850 x justify..On your background white layer... fill it again with white..

to fill in the edges.  Your image should look like below.. this is 100% of its size.. We might have to crop some of the white off the edges later... but will see :)

#12. Now we start adding the elements to the tag..

You can add the tube.. if you use the same one as me.. I resized 85%

Open element 18b.png  resize 60%

Element 114a.png  resize 55%

element 121.png

wordart_1.png  80%

element _84.png  80%


element_46   62%

element_44  80%


element_80   60%


for most of the elements I use this color  #89414e for the shadow color.. set at 75% for opacity and 12 for blur

#13. Time to merge the layers... I merged all the mask layer, white layer and the christmas tree layer together..

Then I hid it..

#14. Then I merged visible all the top layers shown  Hid the top layers... UN hide the bottom merged layers... right click on the  top of your working image


#15.  Open your animation shop now... paste as a new animation...  Open the animation file that was in your supplies zip...

Ctrl + A to select all the frames of the snow animation.. notice it has 10 frames to it... on your new animation from PSP duplicate the layers

till you have 10 frames also...Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

Click, Hold and Drag the F: 1 of the snow animation over to your F:1 of your new working animation.. don't let go of the mouse till

you have placed the animation where you want it... you have the pic of the tree there in the center to guide you where you

should put the snow animation.

Over in PSP Hide the bottom merged layers and UN hide the top merged layers..Right click on top of window... COPY MERGED

Back over in animation shop... right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation... duplicate the frames till you have 10 just like the other two animations..

Select all the frames... do the same as the other one...Drag F:1 of the top layers over to your Frame: 1 of your working animation..

Pay CLOSE attention to the see if you can see the snow  past the edges of the frame...UNDO and start again if you can see it... its not right if you

can... when you have checked your animation and all looks well... Save as a GIF.. then you are done!

Toodles till next one..