I thought I'd write a tutorial on how to use line drawings. Like the one above....Showing you how to fill with patterns and making them your own!! There are many out there.. the one I'm using here in this tutorial is from Raggedy Scrappn.

Here are some patterns I've included for you.

1. When you get a line art they are usually with a white bkg and the black lines... we first need to make this flattened image...(.jpg) into a raster layer. so right click on the background layer and promote to background layer as shown below.

2. Use your magic wand tool and click outside of the line drawing.. on the white outside. Have your magic wand settings like this.

 3.  Cut or delete on the keyboard. You're bunny should look like this below.

4. Using the same magic wand settings... you do this same thing to each area.. of the line drawing... Here below it shows me working on the head area, clicking on the white inside the head and CUT or delete. Do this to all areas within the line drawing..

 The only place I didn't cut out was the white between the stripes on the socks.  Your line drawing should look like this below now...

5. You need to pick you some colors or pattern fills ahead of time...make sure the pattern fills are seamless... using the magic wand same settings. pick an area...like below I picked the bunny's head and hands cause they're going to be the same color. A. On the layer palette create a NEW raster layer and drag it BELOW the line art layer. Ok while the head and hands are selected with magic wand.. B. go to selections/modify/expand and expand about 3 pixels. This way there isn't a tiny gap between the line and the fill area...you always fill ON THE FILL LAYER.. you select with the wand on the LINE ART LAYER you do this with ALL AREAS...each time!!!!.

6. Below shows using the modify/ expand  3 pixels on the selection.

7.C.  Fill with your pattern or color now.. always make sure you fill on the fill layer!!! After you fill with a color or pattern..  D. INVERT and apply a 3D drop shadow on the selection in a darker color that coordinates with the fill color or pattern. Below are the 3D shadow settings... you do this with all the selections..

8. After you do all your selections...**each one you do the A-D steps same for all**

9. Add a new raster layer on top now.. and name it Blush.. some things you might not want blush on.. most things you would. Use your air brush tool now and pick a good blush color.. pink or coral. These are the settings for the brush.

The reason you need your blush on a new layer all to its self.. is that your going to use Gaussian Blur on it and cant blur every thing or it would be ruined ;-)

10. Here are settings for the Gaussian Blur . When you get all the areas filled and your blush on.. you can merge/all visible layers now. Add a new layer, drag to bottom and fill with white. This is your background layer.

11. Decorate your lil line drawing like you want.. Below.. I added a layer between the White bkg layer and the bunny layer and applied a decorative brush to it.. then added a bow and some pearls to the bunny's shoes. Don't forget your watermark!!  oh BTW on the finished tag at the beginning of the tutorial.. I animated the wings and heart and shoes... just use that ole noodle and test your imagination!

Hope you enjoyed this easy lil tutorial and it will help you with your line drawings.

Toodles till next time