Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a FTU kit by JumpStart Designs ' Sunday Morning' freebie

Artwork by ŠAlexzandra Vanek also used  my License # to use PFD_Swt59

Supplies (Text art, animation , and Mask)


This tutorial was written on Oct 22, 2016 using PSP X 9


#1. Open PaperArt_3.jpg   Click Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original

the copy is referred to now as your working image.

#2.  On the new duplicated image promote to background layer. Resize 21%

Apply the mask that was in your supply zip.

#3. Merge/ Merge group. Duplicate the mask layer  merge the two mask layers together.

#4. Go to Image/ canvas size  800 x 800 center justify.

#5. Open Frame_1.png resize 37%  C & P to working image.

Use your deformation tool to pull out the corners of the mask layer.. NOT too much

where it goes paste the edges!!

#6. Add a new layer to the palette and send to bottom, Fill with white color.

#7. Add another  new layer below the frame layer. Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of the frame layer, selecting inside area of frame.

Go to selections/ modify/ expand  10 pixels. Open PaperArt_5.jpg  resize 21 %right click and Copy then paste into selection on the new layer.

#8. Add a 3d drop shadow on the frame V= 0 H=5  Opacity 55% blur 10  color black. use this drop shadow setting on all elements.

Open Leaves_1.png resize 15% C & P to your working image.. duplicate the leaves . Use your deformation tool to turn the leaves on the bottom to the left and down.

#9. Open Flower_2.png resize 12%  C & P over to your working image.. duplicate.

Open Flower_3.png  resize 18%  C & P over to working image.

Open flower_1.png  resize 10%  C & P to your working image.

Your image should look like the one below.

#10. Open Ribbon_1.png resize 17%  Go to Adjust/ Hue and saturation/ Colorize it with these settings

#11.  Next go to Adjust/ brightness and contrast/ curves  Use these settings TWICE on the ribbon. it will make it a light peach color

C & P to your working mage position its layer below all the flowers and leaves layers  Duplicate the ribbon and mirror.... I erased the left side of the duplicated ribbon.



#12. Open the Past Times.png (text art) that was in your supply zip   C & P it to your working image.

Open the tube your going to use... resize if as needed.  I put one of the tubes below the frame and erased the part that's below the frame on the bottom  then

duplicated the tube and put it on top of the frame and erased the bottom of the skirt..  That way the hat is above the frame area.

Open Accent_1.png  C & P over to your working image... duplicate  Put one on one side and one on the other of the frame

#13. I then resize all layers 88% Right click on top of your working image and COPY MERGED

#14. Open your animation shop.   Right click on the desktop and paste as a a new animation.

Open the green and blue circle animation  . it has 19 frames to it.. so duplicate your new animation (one frame ) till you have 19 frames..

Select all the frames on both of the animations by clicking Ctrl + A on each of them..

Click , hold mouse button down as you move F:1 of the circle animation over to F: 1 of the new animation.

let go of your mouse only when you have placed the animation where you want it.

Check your new animation if it looks ok.. then save as a  GIF.


Toodles till next time