I'm back with a tutorial on Auto FX's Photo/Graphic Edges.. you can download the trial HERE

This is a VERY versatile program...it can be installed as a stand alone program or installed into your PSP plugin folder.. that's what I did because with this program you have to OPEN a premade graphic or bkg tile and use PGE's effects on it. It just makes it easier to go ahead and install it in your plugins folder then create your bkg or paper.. then go to effects/Auto FX/ PGE 6.0

Below is the PGE interface, I will go over each item with you.  What you need to start with in PSP is just a layer NOT a flattened image.. you can design a tag.. or just make a bkg paper... what ever your wanting.. PGE is what it implies.. its for EDGE effects.

#1 File is where you save your work and Exit  *I always save my work from PGE as a .png file type*.


#2. Preferences for the program's LOOK or how it behaves is here. Further below I will go into the preferences.  Undo,redo , send to back or front.

#3. Here you can zoom in or out.. also view your work on diff colored bkgs.. or transparent.

#4. The PhotoGraphic button is where you find all the effects that PGE has to offer... here is mine below.. some versions of PGE have less...or not all of these.

#5. Layer Presets... each effect in PGE has some saved presets you can choose from. the window below this one is what that looks like... Now I have CDs of this program and it came with LOTS of edges and frames.. like 10, 000 of them so I have lot in my Layer presets...You might just have the one CD program of PGE and not have that many.. so yours might look different...keep that in mind.

#6. Is like a layer palette kind of.. it shows your original bkg layer.. then what you have applied on top of it.. you can drag an effect to the trash can there... if you decide you don't want it or like it. The opacity slide is there also.

#7. Memory Dots..if you find a good setting... and not sure you want to use it.. save it on a memory dot.. tweak the settings. find something else you like? save on a memory dot.. now this dont SAVE the preset onto your computer.. its just saving it while your open there using PGE that one time.. to save a layer PRESET that you have come up with is on #6 up at top right.. its a lil arrow pointed downward.

#8.  This is the pan tool

#9. Each filter in PGE has this palette where it has all the different kind of settings that can be used for that filter effect.. like the one showing below is for Montage... you can select the edges....border width... softness etc etc.. just place with all of them.. you can also change the color of the border around your project. The purple buttons there on the right side of the Montage palette is the brushes... each one effect the piece when you 'draw with them' HANDS on is best teacher to this... What my goal is with this tutorial is to show you HOW this program works and how you can move around in it.. the creative part.. is up to YOU lol..

#5. Here it shows the preset window that pops up when you click the Layer Presets button up on top.

Here the A B C D is the control brushes for the effects.. These buttons will be different with each filter effect you pick. These that's showing is just for the MONTAGE filter...

Below here  is a sample of a montage effect... I changed all the edges to the same... and moved things around and rotated them

Here is your preferences.. not really important to the running of the program BUT.. if certain colors are more pleasing to you.. this is where to change the interface of the program...the 'Flavors' is the what all the pink is on mine...

Here is how I have the general tab set up on mine..

Texture is what is on the desktop under your working canvas...

Colors can be used instead of Textures.. on the desktop under your working canvas..

Well the rest is up to you... as to what you create in PGE... its a great lil program.. well worth the effort to learn..