Hi there, time for a tutorial... so grab a seat.. open your PSP and get a Dr. Pepper lol.. or whatever your preference is.

I am using PSP Pro X5...Using any version of PSP will do.

Plugins used: AlienSkin/EyeCandy5/Textures/ Textured Noise

(if you don't already have it you can get it HERE)

The kit I used is a FTU kit by Dee's Sign Depot. You can pick up the kit HERE She does not offer it anymore...

You can get the mask #141 at weescotslass creations blog ( you can save it into your mask folder or

where ever you save your masks..)

The girl tube I used is a PinupToon from the CDO store.

You must purchase it and have a license to use. My license is #CDO-2339

Any tube will work for this tag though. That is up to you.


Ok if you have all your supplies ready... we can begin

#1. Open a new image 850 x 850  I tend to make all my tags large cause I end up making an

 Incredimail letter with them...you can always resize later when you're finished.

#2. Open  Frame_2.png from the kit. Click hold and drag its layer over to your new working image. Close the original frame.

#3. Use your magic wand tool and click inside the frame, go to selections/modify/expand /10 pixels.

#4. Open the bkg paper you want to be within the frame. Add a new layer.

 Either copy and paste it into the selection OR  drag its layer to the new

 working image window...While on the paper layer Invert/cut or delete.

That should get rid of all the outside edges. Unselect

Sample below.


#5. Add a 3 D drop shadow on your Frame now.

#6. You can open which ever tube you'd like to use.. copy and paste it into a new layer, UNDER the frame layer.

#7. Add all the elements you'd like to use on the tag now. Resize each.

 You can arrange them like I did below.. or do your own thingy.. It is not set in stone

on how exactly you put together your tag.

#8. Using your selection tool draw a rectangle selection around the working image.. Add a new layer drag it to the very bottom of the layer palette. Fill this selection with the bkg paper you'd like to use.

#9. Go to Layers/Load/save mask/Load Mask from disk. 

#10.  Find the WSL_Mask121 on your dropdown list of Masks. Apply it.. and Merge Group.

#11. Your image should look like this below

#12. You can either put a white bkg on this tag.. or whatever color to coordinate with your colors.. I put this light green paper so it would blend in the top of this page. So you add a new layer, drag to bottom.. and there ya go

#13. Now.. As I always tell my tutorial readers.. always name your layers.. easier to deal with when you have so many layers.

#14. On your layer palette , highlight the layer that is underneath the frame... that is that green paper layer on mine.

Duplicate it two times so you have 3 layers all together.

#15. With the first of the green layers highlighted on the palette.. apply the Eyecandy 5 Textures/Textured Noise

on it using these settings below as shown

#16. On the next two layers of this green bkg.. use the textured noise again

but clicking the Random Seed button each time.. leaving the settings the same though.

#17.  What I did to condense the layer palette.. I merged visible all the elements

 that I had added to the tag.. so my layer palette looks like this below. It shows

each of the backgrounds behind the frame layers.. and to each of these I applied the textured noise.

#18. Open your Animation Shop now. On your working image in PSP , hide the bottom

 2 layers of the bkg behind the frame layers, this is the ones we applied the textured noise to. Sample below on pic

#19. Right click on the top of the working image and click Copy Merged.

#20. In Animation shop  right click on the desktop and Paste as new animation.

Back to PSP, Hide the top bkg behind frame layer and unhide the second one...right click on image top and Copy Merge.

Back to Animation Shop right click on top of your new animation and click Paste AFTER current frame.

Back to PSP  hide the middle or 2nd behind frame layer and UNHIDE

 the bottom layer of the grn bkg.. yours might be diff color.. don't let

 that confuse you.  Right click on the top of the image like before and

 Copy Merge, Back to Animation shop and right click on top of new

 animation.. and Paste After current frame.. you should have 3 frames

 now to your animation... check how your animation looks by clicking the

 animation preview button if you need to slow it down or speed

up right click on the top of the animation window.. not the animation

 preview window.. and click on Frame Properties and change the number..

the smaller the number the faster it is.. the larger the number is slower.

When its like you like... SAVE AS a gif. and you're done!!!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial...

Toodles till next time