In this tutorial I use the wonderful artwork of ©Shelly Comisky

 Drag the leaf to keep up where you are in the tutorial !

Included in the zip Seamless plaid bkg, Mask, Oval template

Getting ready:  Pick out the tube you want to use.. ( that takes the longest for me sometimes lol )

The tube needs to be taller than it is wide.

Plugins used: and Cross

 #1. Open the OvalTemplateNOvalStitches.psd that was in the zipped supplies

Shift + D to duplicate, close the original.

#2. Highlight the bottom Oval layer, hold down your Ctrl key on keyboard

and add a new layer (holding Ctrl key down keeps the box from popping up, saving

you an extra step)

#3.  Highlight the Oval layer again, and go to selections/select all/float then selections/ de float.

#4 Being sure your on the new layer , fill it with your desired color... that matches the tube

you've picked out for this project. I used #8c4f2d

#5. Select none.  You can delete the original Oval layer

that was on the template .....Apply the plugin and Cross to the new layer.

#6. I re colored the Oval Stitches layer, using the settings below..

but it depends on the colors that are in the tube you use.

#7.  Go ahead and drag your tube over to your working image.

And apply a 3D drop shadow.

#8. Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette.

#9. Pull out the edges of your image window.. so that the grey shows around the picture

 Use your selection tool/rectangle/feather 0 and draw a rectangle. Refer to the pic below

#10. Fill this bottom layer with the seamless plaid bkg or one of your own..100% size, Angle 0

Select none.

In the supplies zip I included a mask.. you can put that in your mask folder.. so it

is accessible in PSP.

#11. Go to Layers/Load-Save Mask/Load Mask from disk.

After you apply the mask.. right click on its top layer and merge/merge group.

Your image should look like the above.

#12. Add a drop shadow on the mask layer

#13. Next step is important cause if you don't get it right.. when you make the letter in

letter creator it will not be seamless when tiled and that looks very bad.

Where the blue arrows are on the capture below.. you are wanting them to over lap where they look

like one continuous piece.. Your settings will be different if you use another bkg other than the plaid

that was in the supplies zip... just play with the numbers, and check to see if its seamless... if its not Ctrl + Z to undo

then try again.. if you close your image.. it will be too late to change it.. so do NOT close till you know it tiles

seamlessly. :)

#14. Alrighty.. its time to make it into Stationary... go to Image/canvas size/

Use the settings above.

#15. Add a new layer , drag it to the bottom on the layer palette.

I filled with a coordinating color # f036c5

# 16.  I added noise to the letter bkg layer.

#17. Apply the seamless tiling on the noise bkg...same settings as you used before.

#18.  I opened my tube again.. yours may still be open..any hoo..

 went to image/ canvas size and enlarged the canvas some

That setting really depends on your tube...apply the seamless tile to it.. not the same one you just used

that's set for vertical..  Go with Edge/Bidirectional  , transition 75% or so.. just play around with the settings

Mine looked like below when done.


#19. Go to your materials palette.. and set it like below

#20. Highlight the bottom bkg layer.. then add a new layer to your working image.

Fill it with your seamless tube foreground you just set..

also you need to do seamless tiling on it.. settings same as Step # 13.

I know it looks odd but trust me.. it will be better shortly lol..

on this middle layer that has the fill in it.. Apply the and Cross plugin on it.

Same setting as before.

#21. Lower the opacity of the layer to 66% . Go to Effects/Edge effects/Trace Contour

Set the blend mode of the layer on Burn (Blend modes are found at top on the layer palette)

#22. NOW... don't merge layers.. DON'T close it.. just SAVE AS a it..... go to your IM letter creator.

(this way if it don't tile right you can change/undo some steps in PSP then resave it again )

Below in letter creator... What to do :)



 Also don't forget on the footer tab in letter creator.. put your credits..

 and copyright info.. and/or the artists copyright info too

Save and your Done!!

All you have to do is double click on the orange envelope and it installs into Incredimail.