PTU Sdrapkit used for this tutorial is Crazy Carita's On Your Knees

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen used  63-2 Rasberry tart

Must purchase the tube and have a license to use..

Mine is #BJ3511

Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Texture noise

Supplies Gothic Castle picture

WSL_Mask129  put the mask in your mask folder

#1. Open pp6.png  Shift + D to duplicate the image. Close the original. The duplicated window is not your working image.

Right click on the paper layer and promote background layer.

Go to image/canvas size/ 900 x 900 Center justify.

#2. Apply the mask to this bkg layer. Settings below.

#3. Pull out the corners of the deformation tool box to enlarge the mask layer.

#4. Add a new layer, drag this new layer to the bottom of the layer palette  Fill with white.

#5. Open el9.png (frame) drag its layer over to the working image window on top of the mask layer. Duplicate the frame layer.

Position them side by side.

#6. Open the Gothic Castle graphic that's in the materials.

Use your magic wand tool  Have it set on Add.... click on the center of each frame. Make sure your on the correct layer.

After the center is selected  go to Selections/modify/expand 10 pixels then INVERT

Cut on each of the Gothic castle layers.

#7. Your image should look like it does below. Select none.. and apply a 3D drop shadow on each of the frames.

#8. Merge the two frame layers... Merge the 2 Castle layers.

Open the tube your going to use.. Dress her the way you want.. if she is a ęBarbara Jensen tube.

Open el20 Duplicate and mirror

Open el25 Duplicate and mirror

el23.png  resize 65% Duplicate and mirror

el 21.png

el17.png.. use deformation tool to enlarge a little bit.

el2.png resize 60%

el26.png  Don't forget to put a 3D drop shadow on EACH of the elements.

How to place below

#9. Below is how your merge your layers... all the top layers merged..

the Castle layer duplicated 2 times so that you have 3 layers.

the mask and white bkg layers merged.

#10. Below are the settings for the rain. You apply it to all 3 layers of the castle.. but each time, you hit the random seed button.

#11 Open your animation shop... have all layers showing EXCEPT the 2nd and 3rd layers of the castle

Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGED

over to animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Over to PSP hide the top of the castle layers and UN hide the middle one.

Right click on the image window and COPY MERGED.. Over to animation shop and right click on the new animation and paste after current frame.

back to PSP.. Hide the middle castle layer.. and Un hide the bottom of the castle layers.

Right click on top of window and COPY MERGED. Over to animation shop and paste after current frame.

Check your new animation.. it should have 3 frames.. see if it looks ok.. if so Save as a GIF..

You're done!!

Toodles till next time