This kit is a FTU from HorsePlay's Pasture Designs 'On a Winters Day'

On Horseplay's blog she just made all her PTU Christmas kits FTU... go snag them!! They are really cute

DD_WinterMask_8  HERE 

(Put your mask in your mask folder where PSP can see it.)


 (include the animation placement template, frame and snowflake animation)

This tutorial was created by Swheat Creations Nov 10, 2014. I use PSP X 6..should work the same in any version

No plugins needed. As usual we start large then when done resize down the size you'd like.

It would help if you have a working knowledge of how PSP works... if you are a beginner.. don't get discouraged... just read over till

you understand... and UNDO is your friend!!! lol


#1. Open the Template.png that's in the supplies zip

#2. Shift + D to duplicate, close original, this is now your working image

#3. Open hpd_OAWD_P6.jpg  Copy and paste it into your working image.

(or simply drag the papers layer from layer palette to your working image window)

#4. Close the paper. Have the paper below the template layer on the layer palette.

Shown below

#5. Apply the mask to the paper layer.

(Layers/Load Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk,) you should see the mask on the preview mask drop down)

 Then on the layer palette highlight the top mask layer right click and Merge/merge group

#6. Use your deformation tool (click K on the keyboard in PSP X 6)

Have deformation tool's Mode set on SCALE

Pull out the mask's corners to enlarge it , be careful and not

pull out too far where it goes off edge.


#7. Add a new layer.. (as you add the new layer if you hold down

the Shift key, the add layer window won't pop up.. that saves a step)

Layers/ Arrange/ Send to Bottom  or just drag it down on the layer palette

Right click now on your working image window and Copy Merged

#8. Open your Animation Shop.. and right click on it's desktop and

Paste as a new Animation.



#9. Back in PSP,  Open the Frame.png that was in the supplies zip.

Shift + D to duplicate.. close original

I will give the list of the elements and resize % for how I built mine .

 You can 'build' your frame the way you like..


#10. hpd_OAWD_El41.png     100%  (Add your 3D shadows to all elements)

V3, H3, Opacity 65%, Blur 9, Black (I used this on all elements)

#11. hpd_OAWD_El55.png     (mirror, 75%)

#12. hpd_OAWD_El64.png     80% (this layer goes below the frame layer)

#13. hpd_OAWD_El44.png     80%  (duplicate once and mirror)

The ice drips goes below the frame layer on top and on middle refer to pic below

Erase the ends that go past the frame edges.

#14. hpd_OAWD_El57.png     65% (duplicate and flip, sharpen on both layers)

Use deformation tool to move it up and down on the side of the frame.

#15. hpd_OAWD_El6.png (duplicate and flip, sharpen on both layers)

Use deformation tool the same as in step #14

#16. Open

hpd_OAWD_El66.png     45%

hpd_OAWD_El67.png     48%

hpd_OAWD_El69.png     45%

hpd_OAWD_El12.png    100%

Tip: when working with flowers.. Odd number is supposed to be used..

 all artists paint the same.. Always an odd number of something..

 never even.. don't ask me why lol In the capture above I have 4.. that's not right :)

#17. Once you get all the elements placed how you want.. (try to not cover all the spaces

 in the frame.. you need them for the animation to show through.) on the top of your

working image right click and copy paste.. (remember you can't just copy.. it

has to be copy paste because when you just copy it will crop the image close to edges.

 but copy pasting get all the space around the image.. the whole image)

#18. Back to Animation shop, right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

#19. Open the Snowflake.gif animation that's in the zip... Select all or Ctrl + A on keyboard.

You should have 3 animations there.. on the Animation Shop desktop the Mask layer animation, the

frame layer animation and the Snowflake animation..

The Snowflake animation has 13 frames to it..

 You will need to have 13 frames for the Mask layer animation

and 13 frames for the Frame layer animation.

#20. Click the button shown to duplicate frames, 5 times then delete/cut the last 4 frames..

cause that made 17 frames.. clicking it 4 times isn't enough frames

that's the easiest way to tell you I think lol

#21. Click on top of each animation and Ctrl + A to select all frames.. have it

where you can see F:1 on all of them

#22. Right now minimize the frame animation.. so it wont confuse you while your

doing the next steps.


#23. Click , hold mouse button down.. Drag F:1 of Snowflake animation

 to F:1 of Mask animation window.. do NOT let go of your mouse

till you have the snowflake animation lined up perfectly over one of the black

rectangles. When its lined up right let go of mouse..

#24. After you let go.. the Snowflake animation will be blank.. click on its window and UNDO

all the frames should be there again. Don't forget always click, drag and drop F:1 on to

F:1  or it wont be right.

#25. You do this same thing 3 more times till you

have all four of the black rectangles covered by the snowflake animation.


#26. You should have all 4 of the rectangles covered now..

you can either close or minimize the Snowflake animation.

Maximize your Frame animation now.. Make sure all frames are


#27. On the F:1 of the Frame animation, click, hold and drag to the F:1 of the

mask/snowflake animation.

Be sure and line it up perfectly before letting

go of the mouse button.



#28. The new animation needs cropping some.. so click the crop tool and draw out

your crop.

Don't let it get too close to your sides.. or it will crop it too close


#29. Click Crop. The animation is still pretty large so go to


#30. Using these settings resize

Click this button to see if your new animation looks good.. if everything ok.. then

Save as a Gif

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Toodles till next time