Scrapkit used for this tutorial was a freebie from Sweet Shop store by KHartley 'Just a Note'



Artwork by Nocturne Sold with License at picsfordesign store

My license PFD_Swt59

Filter Unlimited 2.0 plugin used


#1. Below  I have opened the frame png up.. Shift + D to duplicate window.. close original . Resize the frame to 55%,

Image/Canvas Size/ 900 x 900  Center justify. and now the copy is your working image.

 Copy and paste pp3. paper over to your working image... Use your deformation tool to pull out the edges

al the way over to the sides, top and bottom of working image window.. but dont go over edges.

Open your plugin software/ Filters Unlimited 2.0


if you don't pull out the edges.. your design will be white on the left and right side.. hey it was news to me too :)

below shows that white edge  I hadn't pulled it out enough yet.. and had to fix it..

Use Edges/Round edge 06 on the black back ground   do this same thing to the rose bud background paper with the same

round edge.

Your image will be layered like the one below..but this is after I copied and pasted the 3rd paper (music) over to your working image


I used the magic wand tool and clicked on the inside of the frame layer... then selections/ modify/ expand 14  INVERSE and on the music paper hit Delete Your image should look like this one below.  Add a new layer/ drag to the bottom/ merge all layers except for the frame layer..

This is after I added all the elements I wanted to then merged all the layer from the frame up.. visible

I used almost all the ements in the kit. You can see which ones in the finished animation

You should end up with two layers... all the top merged layers (elements)

the bottom layers the two, round layers the layer beneath the frame layer and the white bkg layer all merged visible


Hide the merged frame layers just have the bkg layers there... go to top of image and COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop. and right click on the animation desktop and paste as a new animation

Open the animation that was in your supplies zip.. its a MNG file.

Notice it has 21 frames to the mng animation. .the other bkg animation must have the same amount of frames and the top layers with the elements animation should have 21 frames also.  Below shows all that's opened in Animation shop with all of their 21 frames.

Below shows after I drag F:1 of the notes to the bkg animation and F:1 of the top layers over to F:1 of the working animation


Check your animation to see if it looks right and nothing is jumping or cut off... if its ok Save As a GIF

your done!