Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot ' Resolutions'

The animations are in the zip with the kit when you buy it.

Artwork from ŠAlex Prihodko is also used. License to use # PDF_Swt60

Supplies (DD_StarMask_6)

This tutorial is written with PSP X 6 on Dec 29, 2016


#1. Open paper_10.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the paper. Close original the copy is now your working image

Right click on it's background layer and promote background..

Apply the mask that's in the supplies download.

#2.  Merge/ merge group. Duplicate the mask layer and merge down on them.

go to image canvas size  850 x 850 Center justify.

#3. Open frame 4a.png (pink oval ) resize 80%  C & P it over to your working image.

Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of the frame.  Go to selections/modify/ expand 10 pixels.

#4. Open the Glitter. jpg paper  C & P it over below the frame layer.

Invert the selection. and Cut on the glitter paper layer.

#5. Apply a 3d drop shadow on the frame V=0 H=5  opacity 75% blur 10.00 black color.

Use this setting for all elements.

Use your deformation tool to pull the mask layer out where it shows all around the frame layer.

Add a new layer on bottom of layer palette and fill with white.

#6. Open element 18.png ( clock face) resize 60%  place on your working image.

Open element 12.png resize 60% place on bottom left. Under the glitter layer.

Open element 3b.png (2 pink balloons) resize 50%

Open element 4a.png (blue balloon) resize 40% mirror

#7. When you apply the 3d drop shadow on the balloons  check the shadow on separate layer. You will have to UNLOCK

the shadow by clicking the lock, Then move the shadow way to the right.

#8. Open element 102.png  resize 40%

Open element 101.png resize 40% mirror.

Open element 99.png resize 40%

#9. Open element  95.png  resize 45% use your deformation tool to turn it to the right some.

Apply the 3D drop shadow on  all the flower elements.

Place the tube your going to use and resize accordingly


#10. Open word art 12.png resize 80%

Open word art 5d.png resize 65%

Open word art 5c.png resize 40%

Open element 54c.png (resolutions) resize 60%

#11. Merge all the layers from the frame on up...

Merge all the layers from the glitter behind the frame on down.. you should end up with two merged layers.

Hide the top layers (don't forget the copyright info for the tube!

 Just have the bottom layers showing...Right click on the top of image  COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation.

Open all 3 of the animations that are used in this image.

Use the count down numbers first.. select all the frames.. there are 30 frames..

Duplicate the one frame animation from PSP by clicking the duplicate frames button 6 times that will give

you 33 frames.. delete 3 of the frames where you end up with 30 frames.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames on each of the

animations.. Click, hold mouse button down on F: 1 of the countdown numbers drag over to your working animation from PSP's

F: 1  let go of mouse button only when you have placed it in the middle of the oval.

Back to PSP and hide the bottom layers and just have the merged top layers showing...Right click on the top of image

and COPY MERGE... OVER in animation shop... right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation... duplicate the one

frame till you have 30 frames again. select all frames.. drag F: 1 of the top layered animation over to F: 1 of your working animation  be sure to

position it correctly  where the frame lines up over the oval and number count down.. and none of the elements go off the side edges .


Next use the Dee_002.mng animation... do it the same as you did the count down numbers.. drag

F: 1 of the explosion ani over to F: 1 of your animation you're building from PSP.

Lastly use the DD_004.mng animation on your animation your building both the 003 and 004 animations have

31 frames it wont matter when you place them on your working animation with 30 frames..

Check your new animation to see if it looks right if  not you can UNDO remember... if its correct.. save as a GIF