Super Blade Pro Presets... extract into your  SBP's environment & Texture folder

These Presets are from Karen Stimpson


Here is a tutorial of mine on how to use SuperBlade Pro


#1. Open a new image  1000 x 600

#2. Pick what font you want to use.. a 'Fat' font works best. Type your text out you want to use... Use the color White for the Text.

Right click and convert to Raster Layer.


#3. In your materials property box.. Choose  the Gradient... choose one that has lots of colors in it.. I have set mine on 1 repeat.


#4. Select all on the font layer/ float/ De float  using your fill tool using the gradient in the foreground color box.. fill your text with the gradient..

Like below ... Your text should be selected now


#5. Use your Flaming Pear/ Super Blad Pro , when it opens... Click on the first button that looks like a disk... bottom red arrow pointing to it..

the Open a settings file box pops up... where it says Look In?  Browse to your super blade pro folder/ the Environment and Textures folder...

#6. Find the ks_texture A overlay.q5q file...Click open to apply the texture to your stain glass layer. Your Text should of been selected and floating yes?

#7. While your text is still selected go to Selections/Modify/ Expand 6 pixels...

#8. Add a new layer below the stain glass layer... Fill this new layer with the expanded selection with white.


#9. Below shows after you've filled the new layer with white... look at the layer palette... the filled white layer is below the stain glass layer.

#10... White its still selected... go to Selections/Modify/ Contract 8 pixels.. and being sure you're on the white text layer.... click Delete on the keyboard.

go to Selections/ select all/ Float/ De float

#11.  Use your Super blade pro on the white line text... this time the ks_Sterling Silver

#12. It should look like this below

#13. Move the silver lead layer above the stain glass layer...


Merge them together... and your DONE!!! :)