Scrapkit used for this tutorial is A Space Between's My Best Friend

Artwork of İVery Many also used

License #VMT_Artsyatheart

Supplies (mask , sparkle animation & Text art) Put the mask in your mask folder


#1. Open Frame 30.png  Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original and have the duplicated one as your new working image.

resize 83%  Image / Canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify

Open paper 4.jpg and copy and paste it over to your working image, its layer below

the frame layer.. apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper layer.

 to pull out the edges  where it is some larger.#2. Merge/ Merge group... Use the deformation tool

Add a new layer fill with white.. move this layer to the bottom of the layer palette..

#3. Add a 3d drop shadow on the frame layer.. V & H 1  blur 6  opacity 45  black

#4. Open paper 7.jpg and use the deformation tool to bring it in to fit the inside of the frame... In the below capture

I don't use the paper 7.jpg its paper 1 that's showing.. I think paper 7 looks better

#5. Open your tube.. resize it 80% copy and paste it on to your working image..

#6. Copy and paste the tube again.. original sized (larger) to the left side of the frame..

crop the outside edges off of the tube... set the blend mode to the duplicated tube to Luminance Legacy

#7. Start opening all the elements your going to put on your image.



#8.  Open element 73.png resize 80%

Element 49.png  resize 80%

Element 18.png  resize 80%

element 19.png resize 65%

element 79.png

element 24.png

element 17.png duplicate once

element 31.png resize 65%

element 20.png resize 75%

element 47.png resize 65%

Duplicate your mask layer and bring it down some.. not too far that it will go over the edges

Below is a sample of placements of elements.. Don't forget your copyright info... and now would be a good

time to put your text art that was in the supplies zip.

I resize all layers 87%  Merge all layers visible..

Copy or Copy Merge.. and open your animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.

Open the sparkles ani.. that was in supplies zip

The sparkles ani has 22 frames to it... Duplicate your new animation till it has 22 frames to it also.. Ctrl + A to select all frames in both

animations.. Drag F: 1 of the sparkle ani over to F:1 of your new animation.. don't let go of the mouse till you position the sparkles where you want..

it may take a couple of times to do it.. before you see how the sparkles do.. just UNDO if you dont do it

right.. Check the new animation.. if it looks ok to you... Save As a GIF..


Toodles till next time.