Scrapkit used for this tutorial is 'Bootang Time' by Creative Intentionz

This tutorial was written in PSP X 6.. Aug 5, 2015


(Supplies include the bat animation , Pumpkin animation, Green eyes animation , an ABR  Cloud brush and the haunted house graphic)

Save the brush file somewhere on your computer... just so you remember where..

it does not go in your brush folder.. Cause its an ABR brush for photoshop..

but with newer versions of PSP we can import ABR's  now into our PSP  woo hoo..

Horseplay's Pasture Mask 30. Put this mask in your mask folder.

#1. How to import an ABR brush.. this only works in newer versions of PSP.. does not work in PSP 9

go to File/Import/ Custom Brush

#2. Click on the Open button and browse to where you saved the ABR brush. Choose it.. and ADD ALL..


#3. it will move them over to the selected for import window... click OK


#4. They should show up in your brush preview box.. now. We will use them a lil later in the tutorial.

#5. Open up Paper8.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the window , Close the original , the duplicated window is now

your working image.

#6. Right click on the bkg layer and promote background layer. Rexize the promoted bkg layer 80%

Be sure to UN check the resize all layers.

layers/load save mask/ load mask from disk.. find the saved mask on your drop down preview window.

Use the settings below on the bkg paper.


#7. Merge / Merge group  Use the deformation tool to pull out the edges of the mask to make

larger but don't pull out too far where it touches the sides of the image.

#8. Open element Frame1.png  resize 75%. Drag the frame layer over to your working image.

#9.Open the haunted house graphic that was in the supplies zip.

Drag its layer over to your working image. Drag its layer below the frame layer.

You might have to use the deformation tool (K on keyboard) to pull out the

corners of the haunted house graphic so that its in all 4 frames of the frame.

#10. Use your magic wand tool select the frame layer and click inside each of the frame parts..

 Selections/ Modify/Expand 5 pixels

INVERT , select the haunted house layer. Cut/ Delete. That should get rid of all the extra black on

outside of frame.

#11. Your image should look like below. Select none and apply a 3D drop shadow to your frame.

#12. Open the element Mummy. Drag its layer over to your working image.. Duplicate its layer and mirror

Apply a 3D drop shadow on each of the mummy layers

After adding a regular drop shadow .. add a perspective shadow using Eye Candy 5 Impact/ perspective shadow

Watch where the shadow is at the edge.. don't let it go off the edge.

#13. Drag which ever Boo Text you want to use over to the working image.. resize the boo 70%

#14. Make sure you are on the frame layer , use your Selection tool/ point to point to

select the top two frames.

 #15. Add a new layer below the frame layer and duplicate it 2 these 3 new

layers clouds 1 , 2 & 3. Find one of the cloud brushes that was in the supplies zip you will have to resize them

cause they are really large brushes...

#16. On Cloud 1 layer put a few clouds across the moon area and in the right top frame area... not too many

like below. on each of the cloud layers it will be like a continuation of the clouds... think of how

they would move across the sky.. from left to right.

#17.Below is Clouds 2 layer, notice how the same cloud is moved over to the right some... when you put them all

together in animation shop it will look like they are moving across the sky.

#18.  Do the same thing for frame #3 clouds... move them to the right some.

Now is a good time while you're in PSP to resize your image  I resized mine 80% all layers.

#19.  Open your Animation shop....

in PSP your layer palette should look like this for that first frame in A/S

#20. When you get your layer palette set up like this below... right click on top of window and copy merged

Note: the 1st Mummy is showing, the Cloud 1 layer is showing,

#21. Right click on animation desktop and paste as a new animation

back to PSP. Show the Mummy 2 layer (hide the other mummy layer) and the Clouds 2 layer..(hide the other two cloud layers.

#22. right click on top of window and copy merged

Back over to animation shop and paste behind current frame..

back to PSP , set up your layer palette like below then

right click on the top of your working image and copy merged

back to Animation shop and paste behind current frame.. you should have 3 frames to your animation now.

Check to view your new animation.. by default the speed of the frames is set to 10 , which is too fast. Ctrl + A to select all the frames

and right click on the animation and go to animation properties. set it to 30 speed.. check the animation again..


#23. Open the eyes green gif that was in the supplies zip... notice there are 10 frames to it...

and your new animation only has 3 frames.. you need to duplicate the frames on

the new animation till you have 10 frames just like the

green eyes gif.

OK this part is different... on your 3 framed new animation there.. Right Click on the first frame  COPY / Paste after current

frame... that added another Right click on the 3rd frame.. COPY/ paste after current frame. right Click on the last

frame COPY/ paste after current frame... Now you should have 6 frames? yes? Now click on frame 2 COPY/ PASTE after current frame.

Right click on frame 5 COPY/ paste after current frame. Right click on frame 8 COPY/ paste after current frame.. you should have 9

 frames now... Right click on Frame 9 and COPY / paste after current frame... 10 frames now...???

#24. Ctrl + A to select all the frames on both animations.. Drag F:1 of the green eyes

 animation over to F: 1 of your new animation... do

 not let up on the mouse button till you position it where you want it then lift up on

the mouse button.. you do this with all

 animations your moving over to the new animation you are building. Place the green eyes over to the top right side

of your new animation.

#25. Now open the bat.gif  it already has 10 frames. Do it the same way you moved the blinking green eyes.

Place the bat to the top left area..

Open the evil pumpkin gif.. the evil pumpkin is 2 frames... if you use the duplicate frame button on the pumpkin

it don't really work right... if you do it that way notice how it duplicates.. hitting the duplicate button once will put

2 lighted pumpkins and 2 dark pumpkins together.. we don't want that.. so duplicate each indivisible frame

at a time.. so that its light and dark light and below

Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. do it like the others.. drag F: 1 of the pumpkins over to F:1 of your new animation.

For the mummy to blink... I just picked one of the frames  with in the 10 frames and copied it... then pasted it

in PSP  blacked out the eyes... the back in animation shop pasted it into where I took it out..


Check your animation now.. to see if it looks good...

Save as a GIF..


Toodles till next time