Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Horseplay's Freebie kit ' Sumer Romance' You can download from her Blog or HERE

artwork of ©

MASK and FTU Tube in



I used PSPX7 for this tutorial it does require you have a working knowledge of PSP.


#1.  Open hpd_SR_5.png frame.  Shift + D to duplicate , close original

go to Image/Canvas Size  900 x 900  center justify.. this is now your working image.

#2. Open hpd_SR_P1.jpg paper copy and paste it to your working image apply the flower mask to the paper layer/merge group

Open phd_SR_P1.jpg paper and copy and paste it to your working image... apply the same mask to it. merge group

Resize the checked paper mask layer 85% like you see below.. merge both mask layers.

#3. Be sure your frame layer is on top layer in layer palette.

Use your magic wand set on 20 tolerance 0 feather.. click inside the square parts of the frame...

go to Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels. Add a new layer below the frame layer and fill with white with in the selected areas..

See below.

#4. Add a new layer below the frame layer and fill with white while it's still selected.

#5. Use your text tool and type what you want in the squares.

#6.  Start adding your elements from the kit.. using my placements below

This is a tagger sized kit so most elements do not have to be resized..

#7.  On the mask layer select/select all/ float/defloat go to selections /modify /contract 10 pixels

Duplicate the mask layer 2 times.. you will have 3 of the mask layers now.


 #8. With it still selected go to Plugins/Xenofex2/Constellation/ settings/Pointillism

Apply this on the top mask layer on the next use same settings just click the random seed button..

on the 3rd Mask layer do the same settings but hit the random seed button.


 #9. As an after thought I added a butterfly element (added a 3D drop shadow) duplicated it 2 times so that I would have 3 layers of it..

I started with Noise setting of 15%, 17%  then 18% on each of the butterfly layers.


Your layer palette should look like this

#9. You should have one layer of butterfly showing and one of the Mask layers showing..the duplicates hid.

Right click on top of image/ copy merged  over to animation shop and paste as a new animation

Now over in PSP hide the 1st layer of butterfly.. unhide the 2nd one... Hide the 1st mask layer and unhid the 2nd mask layer

right click on top of window... copy merged , over to animation shop and right click and paste behind current frame.

back over to PSP  hide 2nd layer of the butterfly and unhide the 3rd butterfly layer

Hide the 2nd layer Mask layer and unhide the 3rd Mask layer.. right click on top of image

copy merged/ over to animation shop and right click and paste behind current frame.

Check your animation.. to see if it looks right.. if so.. Save as

Your done!!

Toodles till next time :)