Hi there.. for this tutorial.. I used PSP 9.01. Also several plugins that you will be needing..

 HERE are the supplies you need for this project..

Toadies 2 *Plain Mosaic Blur* you can get HERE ....

Super Blade Pro HERE. Will also need the Super Blade Pro preset m-coconutice

get that HERE. You download this preset into your environment folder

inside your super blade pro folder in Plugins. Install the two plugins into your plugins folder in your docs/mypspfiles


Open the MB-Heart tube...Click Shift + D to duplicate the tube window..

 close the original tube. On your layer palette you will notice it says

Dove heart as the only layer there.. so right click and DUPLICATE the layer..

 so that you have two there.. HIDE (X) out the top copy of the layer. Look below to see what that looks like..

Now apply the Toadies 2 *Plain Mosaic blur* on that bottom layer. Use these settings below.

Use your magic wand tool

Tolerance on 20 Feather 0 and select the black lines in between the rectangles. As you see below the lines have the selection 'marching ants' around them.. now go to Selections/INVERT. 

Go to Flaming Pear/Super Blade Pro on your effects list.  Click the button shown by the red arrow, when the 'open a settings file' window comes up... LOOK IN...your plugins/super blade pro/ environments folder.. for the preset you saved into there at the beginning of this tutorial. See below

After you apply Super Blade Pro.. go to Selections and INVERT again. Your graphic should look like this below. On the layer palette.. DUPLICATE this SBP layer.. you should have 3 layers now on the layer palette.. the top hidden Dove Heart layer then the 2 coconut glass rectangle layers with the selection still there..

Now open the GOLD tile I had in the supplies zip and set your foreground to pattern. Click on the  foreground window and choose the gold pattern from the ones offered there.

Fill the selected lines with the Gold pattern tile. on BOTH middle and bottom layers. That's the ones with the Super Blade Pro glass effect on them. Also on EACH of these two layers.. go to ADJUST/ Add /Remove Noise/ ADD noise and use this setting below on one of the layers... set to 26% then on the other layer.. use 22%. This is important for the animation part to work.. each of those layers HAS to have a different noise setting.

On the layer palette.. the TOP layer.. UNHIDE it.. and go to Effects/3D effects/Drop shadow and apply these settings below. Refer to the picture on how your should look.

*Not shown* On your layer palette .. you should have the top layer.. the Dove Heart with shadow, the middle glass tiles layer and the bottom glass tiles layer.

You need to add a new raster layer and drag it down to the very bottom and FILL with white or some color you like. Duplicate this layer once.. so you have two bottom white layers... if you RIGHT click on each of your layers and RENAME them you can keep things straight better... its a good habit to get into to is naming your layers.. Now duplicate the TOP Heart layer.

Your layer palette should have from top to bottom... 1st Heart layer, 2nd Heart layer, 3 rd Glass tiles layer, 4th glass tiles layer, 5th white layer 6th another white layer.

Arrange your layers to look like the ones in the sample below....

Merge the top 3.. hide that merged layer then and merge the bottom 3 layers. you should end up with just 2 layers when done. Below I wanted to add noise animation on the bow of the heart.. so I used my magic wand tool again with same settings as earlier.. and touched a few places here and there on the bow..

I applied the same two settings as I used earlier also on EACH of the layers of your graphic.


If you want to Crop.. NOW is time.. like I did below. ONE MAJOR no no.. is don't crop too close to any graphics edges.. it will be seen, and wont look good...

After you crop.. you save your file as a Animation shop (*.psp) file type then OPEN it in animation shop.... SAVE AS a .gif then.. and your done!!!

Here is the finished product below.. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will join me on the next one..